Seven Things

June 01, 2017

1. Lobster Eggs Benedict is a thing, and the person who came up with it deserves a prize. How did I never think of that before?!

2. Kitty Cotten's blog and youtube channel is something I've been admiring lately. I really enjoy her laid back, comfy yet conscious style.

3. I've wanted a gingham dress for the longest time and I may just have to get this one from Macy's. Such a cute silhouette.

4. The hype surrounding minimalism is still going strong. Here are 101 items you should get rid of right now.

5. This Blood-Orange Elderflower Gin cocktail is so pretty, and looks like the perfect happy hour treat!

6. I've recently discovered I may just be an empath. Sounds crazy, but those "symptoms" are real!

7. My bestie Sabrina and I are planning a trip to chicago in July. Here are some places you may see pop up on the 'gram.

What's on your radar lately?

5 Little Changes To Start Making a Difference Today

May 27, 2017

Earlier this year I started falling down rabbit hole on YouTube where I watched video after video about "Zero Wasting" in which people vow to live their lives completely waste/trash free. That means no takeout containers, no Amazon shopping sprees, and certainly no Starbucks trips. I often found myself staring at the screen, each YouTuber with their little mason jar filled 1/4 of the way with Dole banana stickers boasting that they hadn't thrown anything away in three years.

When I think about the state of our environment, the air pollution, the trash floating in the ocean, and the fact that every plastic product ever made still exists on our planet in some capacity, it blows my mind. I can't believe we still live in a time when people are still exploited for their labor, where people that make our clothes and our coffee and our daily necessities aren't treated with respect or paid a livable wage. All because we want more, and we want it faster and cheaper.

The saddest part is that our cultural climate demands this, and there's little chance that it will ever change unless we, as consumers, demand otherwise. Though nobody is perfect, and not everyone (including me) has the resources to go 100% vegan/cruelty-free, zero waste, and ethical overnight, there are many things each of us can do to start spreading a message of change. Here are a few of them:

1. Say No to Packaging
This is as easy as substituting a canvas tote for a plastic shopping bag, drinking your drink without a straw, bringing your own travel mug to the coffee shop, and buying from the bulk bins at your local grocery store. When packaging is a necessity, avoid plastic whenever possible. Items packaged in glass or cardboard are infinitely more recyclable.

2. Buy Local and Secondhand
Dining at your local Mom&Pop restaurant, stopping in a local boutique, spending the weekend at a craft festival and farmers market, or browsing through a thrift store are all far more conscious decisions for shopping - and an added bonus - they're way more Instagrammable! What's not to love?

3. Do Your Research
Look up which chains offer fair trade coffee (apparently Dunkin Donuts is FT!) and do the same for multiple facets of your life. Watch documentaries like The True Cost and Food Inc. Check out websites like MyBeautyBunny and EcoWarriorPrincess that have wonderful resources on ethical and eco-friendly alternatives. YouTube and Pinterest offer a wealth of information as well!

4. Make a Point to Buy and Consume Ethical Goods
Once you do that research, go through with it! Support ethical brands like Everlane, ReformationThreads For Thought, People Tree, and Ten Thousand Villages. Invest in glass storage containers and meal prep instead of buying lunch, consider adopting a cruelty-free beauty regimen, buy handcrafted gifts, and purchase items that have earth-friendly ingredients. The possibilities are endless because there are so many great options out there!

5. Walk, Bike, or Ride Share
Taking alternate methods of transportation is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and maybe even make a few friends or help you catch up on that Podcast series you've been meaning to listen to. Plus, it can be easier on the wallet!

What are some little ways you're planning to make a difference?
I would love to know your tips!

Spring Makeup and Skincare Favorites

May 26, 2017

It seems like with the change of every season, I experience a mini skin crisis. Be it dry in the winter, oily in the summer, just plain temperamental in the fall, and extra sensitive in the spring, my skin throws me for a loop about once every solstice. Since realizing this, I've mixed up my skincare routine a little bit and simplified my makeup. Here are a few of my favorite things:

I am in LOVE with this stuff. I was searching up and down for a CF gel moisturizer, and this really hit the spot for me. It's not exactly gel, but it's not heavy like a cream and sinks into the skin like a dream. This may just be my holy grail moisturizer.

There's just something about that ultra-moisturized, shiny, ready-for-bed nighttime face that feels so luxe and like you're really doing something good for your skin. This night cream is super nourishing but isn't greasy, and makes one wake up looking and feeling radiant.

This stuff is just plain GOOD. I reach for it as a cooling mist and toner, as a setting spray, or just as a pick me up whenever I want to feel a little fancy. It's one of my must-haves year round, and I can't get enough of it.

There are SO many hightlighters out there, but this is the best highlight I've found. It's not over the top but it definitely packs a punch. I find a lot of highlighters will draw attention to your skin's imperfections or will be too glittery, but this highlight really changes the game.

Blush - NARS
I've been a sucker for NARS products ever since I was first introduced to them in highschool. As a brand, they're often very bold and showy - with vibrant colors and scandalous names. My favorite blush from them, Deep Throat, is gorgeous but still maintains a hint of subtlety, which is what keeps me coming back.

This is a really new addition to my beauty favorites, as for almost two years I was committed to Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, but this mascara may have stolen the show. My lashes have never looked fuller, and I am obsessed.

I made the switch to brown liner a few months ago and I haven't looked back since. Not only have I avoided some of that racoon-eye look when washing off my makeup, the brown really brings out the green in my eyes and isn't quite as harsh as black. This liner is perfect for a wing, and applies like a dream.

I'll admit I purchased this lipstick because of the name - my first dog was named Pepper and seeing this shade made me feel so sentimental, but it really is the perfect mauvy-pink shade. Bite also has a lipstick called Liquorice, which was the name of my first cat. Such a weird coincidence. Nevertheless, I need both of these lipsticks in my life, and the shades and formula are divine.

This has been my go-to palette ever since I bought it, even though I'm still a huge fan of the Naked2. The shadows are über-pigmented and smell like chocolate, so you can't go wrong. Plus, they all blend wonderfully and are buildable so they can be natural or dramatic.

This stuff is my absolute favorite lip balm. Not only does it smell amazing, it is perfect for wearing to bed because it moisturizes amazingly. Pair it with a lip scrub and your lips will THANK ME! Plus, it also comes in a tube (even though I prefer the tin) so there's a mess-free option if you so prefer.

I was lusting over Besame's lipsticks for literal years until I bit the bullet and finally bought this lipstick. The one I chose was inspired by the 60s/70s and I find it to be super wearable. The lipstick itself is shaped like a wedge and I find it actually applies easier than some of the products that start out as a teardrop. I'm already catching myself fawning over some of the red shades, looks like it's time to add a few more to my collection.

I got aboard the liquid lipstick train as soon as it hit the tracks, but I hit many a bump along the way. Meet Matt(e) has been my saving grace among the faux-pas. This lipstick holds up wonderfully without being dry or flaky, and is incredibly forgiving if you misapply but it does not transfer!!! Bless this lipstick.

What are your favorite products for spring?
Are you a fan of any of these items?

A Day in the Mountains // Bold Rock Cidery + Antique Shopping

April 18, 2017

Last weekend I headed down to JMU in Harrisonburg, VA to visit my best friend Emily for the weekend. We had plans to take a trip to the Bold Rock Cider Barn in Nellysford, maybe do some hiking, and then hang around in our pajamas and eat Cookout. If you've never been to Cookout, get your butt to southern Virginia this instant, because it is the best and cheapest fast food in the world, I promise. Where else can you get chicken tenders, fries, and a corn dog as one meal? So bad for you, but so good for your soul!

 We stopped by Bold Rock on Saturday and had a few tastes of their most popular ciders, featuring Honeydew, Pear, Virginia Apple, and India Pressed Apple (their play on an IPA) Surprisingly, the Virginia Draft was my favorite! It was more dry than the others, but still had the best elements of cider, with just a of beer-iness (totally a word in my book.)

The Cider Barn itself had a great atmosphere, with high cielings, a big glass window in which to view the brewing and bottling process, rustic wood and brick accents, and a big sitting area to hang out and enjoy your brew. There was also a patio and fire pit, which being a bit chilly out, we took full advantage of sitting by. I got a glass of the Honeydew cider, since it was a seasonal flavor and that I would likely not have the chance to try it again. Emily got the Pear cider, which was darker, more robust, and a bit sweeter.

There were so many ciders to choose from! I wanted to take them all home! After sitting around enjoying the scenery for a while, we headed upstairs to get an aerial view of the brewing and bottling facility.

We had an awesome time hanging out at Bold Rock, and I can't wait to go back!

On our way back to JMU, we stopped at a few side-of-the-road antique shops and peeked around at all the fun and quirky items. I found myself drawn to a lot of the glassware and old artwork, but I didn't find anything I loved enough to take back home with me. We also found some strange and cringeworthy items, like a giant clown mask, and a few really dark poems packaged to be framed as prints.

There were a ton of really funky mirrors as well. Sometimes you just gotta take a selfie ;)

Our last stop was at a little general store near the top of the mountain. I was super happy to see they were selling Goo Goo Clusters, a chocolate and peanut treat that is super nostalgic for me, as my grandpa used to always have them at his house when I was little.

The whole day was so fun, and it makes me want to go on another mini-roadtrip to somewhere in the mountains! I can't wait to explore more of the Shenandoah Valley in the coming seasons.

What did you do this weekend?
Have you ever been on a brewery tour?
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