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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home

For the past few years I've been an iced coffee fanatic. It's refreshing, has great flavor, and best of all, doesn't burn the crap out of your mouth! There's not much waiting involved in drinking iced coffee, unless you count the amount of time you spend in line at Starbucks. Let's be honest here, that Starbucks line can get really long. With twenty people in front of you, each ordering their specific concoction of shots and pumps, on a busy day, that just won't cut it! I know, a lot of people refuse to make iced coffee at home with traditionally brewed coffee because the ice will melt too fast and make it watered down (and just plain sad!), but I have a solution, and that solution is my good friend Cold Brew.

Originally invented and made popular by hipsters (how ironic, also - I didn't fact check this) and independent coffee shops, cold brew has been a sort of mythical creation among coffee lovers. Since it's only really effective to brew in small batches, cold brew is perfect for the record collecting, flannel wearing bohemian, because it's exclusive. It's also really awesome for regular people with regular lives because it's surprisingly easy to make!

To make cold brew coffee you will need:
  • Coffee grounds (your choice) 
  • A brewing vessel - such as a french press or mason jar & coffee filter. 
  • Time 
  • Whatever else you put in your coffee (ie. cream and sugar) 
The steps are simple:

  1. Scoop 2tbsp of coffee grounds into your container for every 8oz of water. (Alternatively - follow the directions on your bag of ground coffee for exact measurements.) Fill container with cold water. Give it a good stir. Pop it in the fridge for at least 3 hours. I leave mine overnight.

  2. After coffee has brewed, give it another stir, and then apply your filtering method. For the french press, slowly press down on the bar to filter the coffee. For the jar method, slowly pour your coffee into a cup with a coffee filter to catch the grounds.

  3. Once your coffee is filtered, add your desired ingredients and enjoy!

And there you have it! A delicious cup of iced coffee that's not watered down in the slightest. Full of flavor and fun to make. It might even make you seem just a little bit more hip ;)

What's your favorite flavor of coffee?
Have you ever tried cold brew?

7 Things

in n out texas

Long time no see friends! I know. I'm sorry. Every semester this happens - sh*t hits the fan all in one 7 day period and I ignore my online presence altogether. Life gets in the way far too easily for us bloggers, especially college bloggers. It's kind of a problem. After a whirl-wind beginning of the month during the dreaded Finals Week, I got it all over with and immediately hopped on an airplane to Texas for some much needed R&R with my favorite person (the bae)

That leads me to my 7 favorite things of the past fortnight.

1. IN-N-OUT BURGER. Y'all. Y'ALL. This place is no joke. I always thought the hype was so silly. Like how good can a burger be? Lort was I wrong. DC has nothing on In-N-Out, not even my beloved Elevation Burger. In-N-Out tastes so fresh... and is somehow SO CHEAP?! I have no idea how they do it. "Fast casual" burgers here cost like $6 (or more) but a burger at In-N-Out is less than $3?!!! Y'all, I can't. I ate at In-N-Out twice when I was in Texas, and I have no shame. The hype is real.

2. I listened to Leah Remini's "Troublemaker" on the plane, and it was so good. I learned so much about the dark side of Scientology. That stuff has always fascinated me. Have y'all read or listened to the book?  It made me want to fall down some conspiracy theory rabbit holes, and also re-watch King of Queens.

3. I'm not a hypebeast, but these shoes are pretty stinkin cute. Speaking of shoes, I'm probably gonna get these for all the "big girl" job interviews I've got coming up.

4. Can I live here? You know, without paying Manhattan prices of course. That brick wall! Is it weird that I'm planning to create a brick wall in my future house if it doesn't already have one? That's dedication to DIY!

5. I bought this romper (in the dot pattern) and I already know I will be living in it. Maybe for the rest of eternity. Well, until it gets too hot for long sleeves.

6. For some reason I've gone back to stalking Tumblr this past week. If you're into it, stop by my page and give me a follow. There's a ton of pretty stuff to be inspired by!

7. After eating In-N-Out all last week, I'm gonna need to step up my health game. These quinoa bowls with red pepper sauce look delicious!

What are you loving lately?

Story Time // My Denim Clogs

When one thinks back on their life, their accomplishments stand out to them like push pins on a map. Graduations, a marriage, the birth of their children. Memories that fill scrapbooks and grow yellow in boxes with old movie tickets.

You could say that my proudest moment can’t be captured in this way. My proudest moment was not a generic milestone set to a string quartet playing Pomp and Circumstance. My proudest moment was one that involved a pair of embellished denim clogs.

When I was about 8 years old, my parents decided that I was responsible enough to help care for a puppy, and when I met Pepper, I fell in love. She was a four-month-old black lab with a white tuxedo print on her chest. Her tail was always wagging and her ears were the softest things I had ever touched. She was my shining star. It was she that I ran to every day after school, with whom I stayed out every night playing with her in the fall leaves until the porch light came on. She was the one I snuck saltine crackers to in the kitchen when my mom was upstairs. She was my best friend.

Unbeknownst to me, there were evil forces surrounding me that did not want to fall witness my happiness. The little girl that lived across the street from me didn't have a puppy to play with, and it made her extremely jealous. In the past, she'd stolen my barbie dolls and cut off their hair, locked me out of my own house, broken my jump ropes, and it wasn’t just me - she wasn't very nice to anyone at all.

One day, after I got home from school, I let Pepper out to play. I ran inside to drop my brightly colored Lisa Frank backpack on my bed, and by the time I made it back outside to play a game of keep away, Pepper was being coaxed across the road by my jealous neighbor. Within a minute my neighbor had my playful, trusting, lovable puppy inside her house and was taunting me from the inside, saying I’d never see her again. 

I ran back to my mother, red-faced and out of breath, to tell her that my puppy had been kidnapped. My mind was racing with the terrible things she was doing to my puppy. What if she got scared? What if she starved?

Thankfully, my mom calmly strolled across the street, knocked on the door, and told the little girl’s grandma to hand over my puppy. I'm pretty sure she got a spanking, or at least I hoped she did. I hoped she was locked away and nobody would ever find the key. Because like the golden rule says, you're not supposed to take something that isn't yours, especially when it's someone’s best friend in the entire world.

Little did I know, I would have an opportunity to punish that girl the very next day. Luckily, when that opportunity arose, I was wearing my favorite denim clogs. My clogs were sturdy, with a dark wooden base. They had a embroidered paisley pattern on the side, eyelets punched along the seams, and brass studs holding the fabric to the shoe. They made a clumping sound when I walked in the hallways at school. They were basically every 90s kid's dream, and I wore them almost every day. They made me feel like Lizzie McGuire.

When I got home from school the next day, and I'd put my vibrant Lisa Frank backpack in the house, I walked down the wooden walkway that lead down to the covered porch where my puppy stayed during the day. I had a treat in my pocket that I knew she would love. 

My heart wrenched as I saw my evil neighbor pushing on the white wooden gate to let Pepper out. I knew instantly that she was trying to KIDNAP MY PUPPY... AGAIN. Since my mom was already inside the house and nowhere in sight, I knew I had to act, and fast. 

I yelled something to the effect of "LEAVE MY PUPPY ALONE, YOU B*TCH!" I definitely didn't say b*tch, I was eight, but it sounds good here, doesn't it? Within seconds, I had one of my hard, heavy clogs in my hand. Since I was standing at the top of the stairs, I knew I had an advantage. I chucked my trusty denim clog as hard as I could, right at her stupid head.

The clog flew through the air in slow motion, spinning like a football during a 30 yard throw. I watched it soar across the blue afternoon sky until it made the most satisfying thud against her skull.

It took her a moment to realize she’d been hit. Once the pain set in, she wailed like a siren, and ran as fast as she could back to her house. I felt like a total badass. I’d saved my puppy from being kidnapped, and my mom didn’t see a thing, so I didn't get in trouble. Something tells me she wouldn’t have punished me anyway.

Of course, as an adult, I know I shouldn't throw shoes at people's heads, especially the heads of children. It’s likely that I won’t do something like that again, but I still totally stand behind my decision to mess that little girl up. 

No dogs will ever be stolen on my watch, not if I have anything to do with it.
Now that I think of it, I really should buy a new pair of denim clogs.

What would you do in this situation?
Do you have any childhood stories like this?

Cruelty Free Beauty Faves

Now that the end of the semester is approaching I've been on the go every day, planning trips, running from class to work to internship interviews and the like, and doing my best to keep my skin healthy. Since it's been warm recently, I've been toning down the makeup a little and keeping it natural. These are my constant favorites, the things I reach for on the daily, and the products I've purchased time and time again. The ones in my makeup bag on any trip, or scattered across my counter when I'm getting ready for the day.

Alba Botanica Cleanser - Good & Clean Foaming Face Wash
Wet N' Wild Nail Polish - One Step Wonder Gel
Milani Blush in Rose Powder 
Soap & Glory Hand Food - Hydrating Hand Cream
TheBalm Marylou Manizer - Illuminating Highlighter
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - Eyebrow Defining Pencil
Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Toast
Nyx Gel Pot - Eyeliner
Julep Nail Polish in Myrtle
Beauty Blender - Makeup Applicator Sponge

What are your CF beauty favorites?