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Seven Things

1. My birthday is next week, and I'm planning to throw a roaring twenties themed dinner party for my friends. I can't wait to see everyone, dress up all fancy, and eat some delicious food! What are your favorite dinner party dishes?

2. Here's a helpful list of 11 houseplants that are hard to kill. One of each please! I've been wanting a snake plant forever.

3. I've been looking for a subscription box that sells ethical, handmade items, and I think I've found one with GlobeIn! I'm loving the beautiful handwoven baskets, and each month there's a new theme. I'm definitely considering signing up!

4. On my honor, I will try, this delicious looking Samoas Cookie Pie! I'm sure I could find a way to make it dairy free. Definitely on my to-make list! My inner Girl Scout is so excited.

5. I'm loving this necklace, and I heard that Kendra Scott offers a piece of jewelry at 50% in store during your birthday month. I might have to take them up on that offer!

6. This color quiz is more in-depth than other quizzes I've found! I'm Medium Red-Violet, which sounds pretty dang accurate to me!

7. These 14 psychology tricks are cool, but also pretty weird! I wonder how many I'd fall for!

What are you loving lately?

#BloggerScene Cocktail Party at The Embassy Row

Last night I headed to Dupont with Kate from Lucky Bandit to meet up with a bunch of other bloggers at the Blogger Scene summer cocktail party at The Embassy Row Hotel.

The party took place up on the rooftop pool deck, where we enjoyed cocktails (I got a delicious coconut mojito) chatted with some lovely ladies, took tons of photos, and heard from some seasoned bloggers on the panel.

The roof area was awesome, with views overlooking the entire downtown area. It was really stunning around sunset, and I think the photos turned out pretty great! Outfit details: top | jeans | wedges

A super special bonus, we each got to take home a piece from the Kendra Scott Fall 2016 collection! I got the Kenny Ring with granite and gold hardware, which I think is so pretty!

Have you ever been to a blogger meetup?

Lust List // July

Ever have that moment when you forget what season it is? That's basically me every day. I was born in the summer, but I have no idea how to deal with the heat. I own almost no summer clothes, so I'm melting practically every day of my life. It would only be natural for me to put a pleather jacket on my July wishlist. Don't judge, I'm an autumn soul, okay?!

Here are a few things on my list at the moment:

What are you wishing for lately?

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer on a Tight Schedule

We all wanna have a good time this summer, but work, school, and life get in the way. It's already mid-July and I can already feel summer starting to slip away. The only thing that seems to be hanging on here is the heat! Since this is my last summer before graduation, I know I need to make the most of my time as an undergrad while I still have it. Even so, it's still hard to get a free minute sometimes. Here are my tips for making the most of your summer, even when time is against you!

Use Your Time Wisely
If you know you want to get out and experience summer, make sure to plan ahead! Make weekend plans on Monday, pack for trips a little early, and be sure to schedule in some down time, so you can be spontaneous - or stay in bed!

Put the Phone Down
I'm about to upgrade my phone, but I know there's no better way to waste time than checking twitter and snapchat all day every day. Be sure to live in the moment, and keep the screen out of your face! Take some time to enjoy doing nothing, coffee with a loved one, or a good book. Take as many photos as you want, but Instagram them later! The likes can wait, enjoy the now.

Become a "Yes" Person
If your gal calls asking you to go to happy hour, and you're free - say yes! Happy hour may turn into dinner, or even a fun night out on the town. If someone wants to go hiking, say yes! A weekend roadtrip? Yes! A walk to catch Pokemon? Yes! Get out there and do it. As long as you're safe and not skipping out on any big responsibilities, don't think about tomorrow. Have fun!

Explore Your Area
Don't have a ton of time, but want too feel like you're getting away? Plan a staycation! Go on an adventure to the next town over, look up the hashtags and Instagram accounts related to your area (I'm a big fan of @DCFoodPorn) and find a place you've never been! If no ideas come to mind, you can always get a city guide for all the classic must-sees in your town- there's no shame in being a tourist!

Get Creative
If you feel like you're stuck at home for the summer, find ways to bring the summer to you! Find a community pool to visit, DIY some cutoff shorts, wear a flower in your hair, or drink out of a pineapple! Locate the nearest drive-in theater, or stay home and build a pillow fort. Bust out the sprinkler or slip n' slide. Burn some sparklers. Get some friends together for a dinner party or barbecue. Run with your ideas, you're guaranteed to have a good time.

What are your plans for the summer?