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My 4 Fall Essentials

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Tomorrow is the first official day of fall, and I could not be more excited about it! I'm ready to wear scarves and hoodies again, dig into some cinnamon apple desserts, and most importantly, bask in all the beautiful colors of changing leaves! This weekend I'm headed down to southern Virginia for an "end of summer" hiking trip, and I'm so excited that in just a few weeks everything will be my favorite shades of red, orange, and yellow! Apple festivals, campfires, and endless autumnal beauty. I'm hype.

Without further ado, here are some of my Fall Essentials!

1. Fall Treats - It wouldn't be autumn without some warm and delicious treats. I'm thinking hot chocolate, pumpkin muffins, and s'mores for sure! A few recipes I'd like to try: pumpkin scones // s'mores donuts // grownup hot chocolate

2. Autumn Inspired Fashion - All summer I was lost in a sea of neons and pastels, all colors that look terrible on me! Brown is my neutral, so anything warm toned is right up my alley. I can't wait to deck myself in camel, burgundy, cognac, olive, grey, and sage! Earth tones are my jam! A few fashion favorites: this jacket // this tote // this entire blog

3. Being Comfy - Fall is the perfect time to layer up, cuddle with a loved one (including Netflix) and relax for a while. Some ideas to get comfy: this blanket // this candle!!! I've already used mine up! It's so good, and I normally hate pumpkin scent! // this classic just came out on DVD!

4. Natural (and Autumnal) Beauty - For some reason I've been obsessed with finding the perfect burnt orange nail polish. One that's not too bright, not sparkly, and has that perfect pumpkin spice ~vibe~! If you find one, let me know. Other than that, I'm all about keeping makeup minimal and naturally beautiful. Here are some other fall beauty faves: nude lips // golden lids // defined brows

What are your fall essentials?

101 Items You Should Get Rid of Right Now

Over the past few months I've been taking steps to greatly reduce the amount of unnecessary things I own, as well as things in my life that don't serve a purpose, are a hassle to keep up with, or things that simply don't make me happy. Though I've titled this post items to "get rid of" or "throw away" there are things on this list that may make sense for you to donate or give away, and if that's the case, I highly encourage that. Sharing is caring, and caring is important.

Things that take up physical space also take up time and mental space. If you're anything like me, you need all the time and mental space you can get. Sometimes we need a hard reset to continue performing at our best potential, and that being said, here is my list of 101 items that you should get out of your physical/mental/time space immediately.

1. Miscellaneous cords to electronics you don't have anymore.
2. DVDs you haven't watched in the past year.
3. CDs you no longer listen to.
4. Floppy disks aren't coming back any time soon. Toss 'em.
5. Anything in your desk drawers with questionable origins.
6. Junk mail.
7. Pens that are broken or without ink.
8. Cards from past birthdays.
9. Cards that don't have matching envelopes.
10. Decks of cards that aren't complete.
11. Board games you no longer play.
12. Notebooks that you won't use. Be honest.
13. Old ink cartridges.
14. Knicknacks.
15. Tchotchkes.
16. Anything that falls into the thingamajig category.
17. Old magazines.
18. Books you aren't going to read again, or will never read.
19. Jewelry that is broken or no longer your taste.
20. Beauty samples you won't use. Once again, be honest.
21. Nail polish you don't wear.
22. Shoes that don't fit.
23. Bath and body products you forgot you're hoarding.
24. Canned food past the expiration date.
25. Dried up or off-color cosmetics.
26. Socks with holes.
27. Torn, stained, or ill fitting clothing.
28. Old cleaning supplies.
29. Tupperware without lids.
30. Chipped glass or ceramic.
31. Mismatched dishware.
32. Dull or broken cutlery.
33. Warped or rusted pots and pans.
34. Broken electronics.
35. Holiday decorations you don't use.
36. Pantry items you're unsure about.
37. Table linens that are stained or don't match.
38. Any furniture that is awkward in your space.
39. Exercise equipment you don't use.
40. Pet toys that are beyond repair.
41. Candles you won't burn.
42. Anything trendy that's gone out of style.
43. Tickets, playbills, and brochures.
44. Blankets or pillows that are past their prime.
45. Towels with holes or stains.
46. The trunk of your car
47. Spare change (take to the bank or coinstar)
48. Lightbulbs that are burnt out.
49. Anything inedible in your refridgerator drawers.
50. Condiments expired or about to run out.
51. Anything in the freezer you don't intend to use.
52. Things from the junk drawer.
53. Cardboard boxes (fold and recycle)
54. Old laundry soap.
55. The lint from your dryer.
56. Dead plants in your garden.
57. Fake plants you've forgotten about.
58. Socks or gloves missing their partner.
59. Your inbox full of unread emails.
60. Facebook posts that are no longer relevant (or important)
61. Facebook "friends" that you don't really know in person.
62. That one aunt that shares pro-Trump articles.
63. Instagram posts that aren't "on brand"
64. Unfollow Instagram accounts that don't inspire you.
65. Tweets that you don't need anymore.
66. Unfollow twitter accounts that don't make you laugh or inform you.
67. Entire social media accounts if they make don't make you happy.
68. Photos from your phone that are taking up space.
69. That gift from a friend that you feel bad for throwing away.
70. That wrapping paper that you're saving to reuse but keep forgetting about.
71. The dust from the vacuum cleaner.
72. Old textbooks.
73. Old homework.
74. Papers that aren't vital to taxes, school, or work.
75. Documents on your computer that you haven't opened recently.
76. Duplicate photos on your computer.
77. Photos you don't love.
78. Copy the ones you do to an external source (USB, etc) so you'll never lose them.
79. Packaging for electronics.
80. Packaging for makeup, even if it's pretty.
81. Dried out markers.
82. Colored pencils that have seen better days.
83. Broken crayons.
84. Pencils with no eraser.
85. Broken or faded rulers.
86. Calculators with illegible numbers.
87. Dried up paint.
88. Paintbrushes with messed up bristles.
89. Anything that leaves a trail of glitter behind.
90. Spray paint that is too old or has ran out.
91. Shelves or storage units you don't really need.
92. Art that doesn't match your decor.
93. Anything that stands out like a sore thumb.
94. Paperweights (unless very valuable or meaningful)
95. Anything chewed or otherwise destroyed by a pet.
96. Anything chewed or otherwise destroyed by a child.
97. Anything chewed or otherwise destroyed by your drunk roommate.
98. Dingy rugs or bathroom / door mats.
99. Takeout menus (order online!)
100. Perfume that isn't your favorite.
101. The idea that you have to keep anything in your life that doesn't make you happy.

What are you planning to throw away?

Seven Things

Hey babes, happy Wednesday! Classes are in full swing again, so I've been a bit quiet, but I'm showing up today with a few things I've been loving and have been interested in lately. Hope your week is going great!

1. Fall is coming! I'm not a diehard pumpkin spice fan like many people are, but these pumpkin cinnamon sugar donuts look pretty legit, plus, the recipe is easily made vegan friendly!

2. My roommates and I have been fighting over use of the foot rest for pretty much forever now. Thinking of getting this bench to serve as our ottoman.

3. Here's how to make your favorite candies into an alcoholic beverage. The peeps one seems really intriguing! Heath bar too!

4. Thinking of making your wardrobe more sustainable? Here's how!

5. I've heard amazing things about this soap. Have you tried it? Let me know what you think!

6. Kate added some super cute items to her shop. Be sure to check them out!

7. This hat is a must for any Kanye lover. (Many people are selling this hat. Not sure of original designer. If you know, lemme know.)

What are you loving lately?

A Day in Philadelphia

Last weekend my roommate Liz and I headed up to Philly for a little day trip. We'd talked about going to visit for a few months, and since we both had the weekend off, we knew it would be the perfect time to go. I stalked Pinterest boards, Tripadvisor, and good old Yelp for some ideas for things we wanted to visit. Since we'd both visited the city before, we decided it would be okay to skip some of the more conventionally touristy stuff like the Liberty Bell (with a few exceptions) and head to local gems that were a little less crowded. 

First, we stopped into Reading Terminal Market, which I'd been to before. It's like a giant warehouse filled with food vendors and various other little stores. Definitely one of Philly's big attractions, and for good reason. So much good food! I got some killer buffalo wings, and Liz grabbed a Philly Cheesesteak. Then we split a donut from Beiler's (well worth the wait) and headed out into the city.

Then we visited the Edgar Allan Poe historical site, which included a tour of a house Poe once lived in. The house included many of the inspirations for Poe's stories. I was really excited to visit since I've been a fan of everything Poe for as long as I can remember, and of course bloggers can't resist a good mural.

After Poe, we took a walk to Mac's Tavern, a bar that I've wanted to visit since I started watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Mac's is owned in part by Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson (Mac and Dee from IASIP) as well as many of their friends. Though we weren't lucky enough to catch any of the cast members hanging out (definitely didn't expect to either, of course) we enjoyed talking with the bartender and tried some really awesome raspberry cider.

After a little more walking, a dip into a few vintage shops, and even a stop by a "Curio" store that had a real human skull for sale (cool but yikes), we decided to check out the Magic Garden. I'd heard about this place from one of my best friends, Sabrina, who had visited a few years back and brought me home a cute magnet. The Magic Garden is an art installation by Isaiah Zagar that features multiple rooms, staircases, tunnels, and pathways. This was probably my favorite of the stops we took around the city.

Our final destination was the LOVE statue. By the time we arrived here, we had walked almost six miles around the city, and we were pretty tired. I, for one, can't wait to go back! Philly vlog coming soon!

Have you been to Philadelphia?
What is your favorite way to spend the day in a new city?