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A Day in Philadelphia

Last weekend my roommate Liz and I headed up to Philly for a little day trip. We'd talked about going to visit for a few months, and since we both had the weekend off, we knew it would be the perfect time to go. I stalked Pinterest boards, Tripadvisor, and good old Yelp for some ideas for things we wanted to visit. Since we'd both visited the city before, we decided it would be okay to skip some of the more conventionally touristy stuff like the Liberty Bell (with a few exceptions) and head to local gems that were a little less crowded. 

First, we stopped into Reading Terminal Market, which I'd been to before. It's like a giant warehouse filled with food vendors and various other little stores. Definitely one of Philly's big attractions, and for good reason. So much good food! I got some killer buffalo wings, and Liz grabbed a Philly Cheesesteak. Then we split a donut from Beiler's (well worth the wait) and headed out into the city.

Then we visited the Edgar Allan Poe historical site, which included a tour of a house Poe once lived in. The house included many of the inspirations for Poe's stories. I was really excited to visit since I've been a fan of everything Poe for as long as I can remember, and of course bloggers can't resist a good mural.

After Poe, we took a walk to Mac's Tavern, a bar that I've wanted to visit since I started watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Mac's is owned in part by Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson (Mac and Dee from IASIP) as well as many of their friends. Though we weren't lucky enough to catch any of the cast members hanging out (definitely didn't expect to either, of course) we enjoyed talking with the bartender and tried some really awesome raspberry cider.

After a little more walking, a dip into a few vintage shops, and even a stop by a "Curio" store that had a real human skull for sale (cool but yikes), we decided to check out the Magic Garden. I'd heard about this place from one of my best friends, Sabrina, who had visited a few years back and brought me home a cute magnet. The Magic Garden is an art installation by Isaiah Zagar that features multiple rooms, staircases, tunnels, and pathways. This was probably my favorite of the stops we took around the city.

Our final destination was the LOVE statue. By the time we arrived here, we had walked almost six miles around the city, and we were pretty tired. I, for one, can't wait to go back! Philly vlog coming soon!

Have you been to Philadelphia?
What is your favorite way to spend the day in a new city?

Recent Snapshots

Now that I've finished summer classes, my break is in full swing, and I've decided to get out as much as I can this past week. Most of these outings have involved little day trips to the city or just around town, but it's been nice to kick back and relax for a little bit! Here are a few things I've been enjoying: 

1. My favorite place on earth, The Library of Congress.

2. Vineyard chillin' with my roommate at the Winery at Bull Run.

3. Delicious sushi burritos from Buredo in northwest DC.

4. My lovely new phone case from ClashCases on Etsy.

5. Awesome brunch spread from First Watch with my besties.

What have you been up to this summer?

My Roaring 22nd Birthday Party

This past weekend I threw a little Roaring Twenties style dinner party to celebrate my (belated) birthday with some of my friends, and it was seriously a blast. I had a ton of fun planning it, and surprisingly pulled it off pretty cheap! (More on that later.) Overall, I just wanted to have a relaxed night with some dinner, champagne, and good people!

My awesome roommate Liz and her equally awesome friend Rob were so sweet and helped me decorate, set the table, and cook! I couldn't have pulled it off without them, and honestly I think the chicken tasted better than I could've made it!

I set up a little appetizer table in the living room with dumplings, mini caprese salads, carrots and hummus, your good old fashioned potato chip, and some easy peasy desserts. Can't go wrong with Oreos! For dinner, we kept things dietary friendly with a salad and some chicken parmesan (chicken and parmesan optional for vegans & vegetarians) as well as an option for gluten-free pasta. I wanted everyone to be able to eat, and it was a surprisingly easy dish to keep diet friendly!

Our dining room setup worked out well, but was comically squished since the room normally sits four, and I managed to pack fifteen people in. I had friends on stools, folding chairs, and ottomans, but everyone seemed to have a good time!

Though I didn't take many photos, it was a really fun night, and an awesome excuse to dress up in Roaring Twenties style garb! Here is a similar dress and similar shoes to what I wore.

What did you do this weekend?
Have you ever been to a 20s party?

Seven Things

Hey friends, happy Saturday! Hope your weekend has been full of fun! I've had a busy one myself, as last night I threw my Roaring Twenties dinner party! Now I'm taking some time to relax, catch up on Netflix, fold some laundry, and take care of some other things around the house. Here is my next installment of seven things!

1. I have been living for the "Every Outfit on Sex and the City" instagram account (@EveryOutfitOnSATC). It's so funny, sarcastic, and actually has a lot of interesting facts about the show worked in. A must-follow for anyone that's a fan of the show.

2. Sadly my go-to pair of flip-flops broke and I've had to wear high maintenance sandals (ones with buckles) all week. It's really been cramping my style on trips to the mailbox, but has been elevating my style everywhere else, because effort. Who knew cute sandals could be such a chore? As for replacing my flip-flops - I'll probably go for these.

3. Allure shows us 100 years of nails, and I love everything between the 20s and 60s! That 1950s orange polish is calling my name!

4. I got this planner on sale and I am HYPE! I've been really bad at using planners in the past, but since I have such a hectic schedule in the fall, I'm gonna need this book to keep me sane.

5. Can we talk about 100 coats of things? Why is this a thing? It sounds like a nightmare! I feel like everyone and their mother has done one of these videos, but Jenna Marbles definitely took the cake. 

6. Raw vegan donut holes? Sign me up.

7. My muted color themed Pinterest board is giving me so much inspiration lately. Can I just surround myself in dusty rose and other earth tones?

What are you loving lately?