Sunday, November 24, 2013

kitchen overhaul wishlist.

Recently my housemates and I have decided to do a little overhaul of our house. We mostly want minor changes, like better lighting and a new vacuum, but I'm most excited about updating and cleaning out our kitchen. I've always been a bit of a nerd when it comes to cooking equipment, drooling over every Williams-Sonoma I pass, but of course I'm on a college budget. 

The photos above are my *dream,* but the basic things I'm hoping to eventually purchase are:
a nice set of utensils // a waffle iron // a mixer (kitchenaid or bust!) // a pyrex measuring cup // some pretty silverware // pretty bowls // mason jars for drinks // a silpat pan liner

and yes, all red!

What items are in your dream kitchen?
What is your latest household project?


Megan Clark said...

Oh man, I need a waffle iron haha! I'd just eat them 24/7 though <3 I love posts about kitchen stuff - nothing better than a great gadget in the kitchen :) xx

Made In A Cup

B. Carraway said...

I would LOVE to redo my kitchen. I live with two housemates and we have SO MUCH old/unnecessary kitchen bits and bobs - the clutter kills me. Maybe one day soon I'll do a kitchen purge and spiff the place up.

Darianne said...

I'd love that kitchen mixer. I see things at the store all the time, and want them so bad! xx
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