how to stop fighting your hair

December 28, 2013

For as long as I can remember, I've been at war with my hair. It's always been a frizzy, tangly, unmanageable mess. It's brought me lots of frustration, bouts of anger, and even a few tears. Time after time, hairdressers would chop almost half of it off to "salvage" the healthy hair. Until recently, I'd thought that I was doomed to live a life of dry, knotty hair, or be forced to cut it all off every few months.

Having extremely fine hair, I've always had trouble with breakage and split ends. My hair dries out quickly, and tangles up again before I even finish brushing. Day after day, I'd pull a brush through my hair, cursing its very existence. That was until I started trying new methods, and I realized that there were many things I could do to keep my hair softer, healthier, and more manageable.

How to Stop Fighting Your Hair

1. Determine your hair texture:
Is your hair fine, medium, or coarse?
Do you have straight hair, or level 2, 3, or 4 curls?
I used this reference to find out my hair type, and I'm a 2b!
Once you figure out your unique texture, you can look up styling tips and tutorials that work best for you!

2. Be gentle!
I can't tell you how often I've had to stop myself from rushing my hair routine. The harder you brush, the more likely you're going to have breakage and frustration. Take your time, baby your hair!

3. Don't wash every day!
This was my biggest mistake, and my hair was so dry and brittle because of it. I've heard it's best to wash your hair 3 or 4 times a week, and I was doing it 7! At first, refraining from washing might make you feel kind of icky, but I saw healthier hair in just a week or so.

4. Check your shampoo
There are lots of ingredients in your shampoo that can actually damage your hair! Beware of any type of Sulfates (the leading ingredients in dish detergent) and Propylene Glycol, which breaks down the structure of hair. Good shampoos will have essential oils and other nice things like glycerin.

5. Hair Treatments
If ever you have a little extra time, do a hair treatment! There are hundreds to choose from, each one doing something great for you hair. Henna & Placenta is great for making your hair shiny, olive oil is good for keeping hair long and strong, and other hair treatments can be used to help specific types of hair textures and colors.

6. Do your research!
Many websites offer growth, styling, and coloring tips for a particular type of hair, and once you get to know your hair, the possibilities are endless!

Taking Care of Fine Hair - my favorite products
The Body Shop - Rainforest Moisture Shampoo // Conair Detangling Comb // Not Your Mother's - Way To Grow Conditioner // Henna 'n' Placenta - hair treatment // Organix - Thick & Full root boosting spray

 What is your hair type?
Do you have hair resolutions for the new year?


  1. I think I'm either a 2c or 3a, can't quite tell as the 3a photo isn't the easiest to see! I only wash my hair twice a week, I'm so gross...
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. i got the organiz one during the sale.. i am glad it's on your list

  3. Mine is super thick and coarse, I just let it do what it wants.

  4. I've always thought mines around a 2b. I got a load of information from British Curlies. Always look for shampoos without sulphates, and conditioners without silicones/parabens. Never use heat, and I very rarely straighten it. (Probably once in the past 6 months...) I do need to get a good treatment/mask though!


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