Tuesday, December 3, 2013

pet peeves - part 2

I'm one of those people that gets annoyed easily, but in a funny way. Whenever I get passionate about how much I dislike something, it always ends in someone rolling on the floor laughing. I'm not entirely sure why, maybe it's because I never really take anything too seriously, or because the things I hate are so ridiculous that it catches people off guard. Either way, here are a few examples of the things that get me fired up.

English Muffins
Oh how I loathe English muffins. They are dry, weirdly porous, and devilishly sharp. Ever eaten one plain? I bet you haven't because you're still alive. Might as well swallow a knife if you get hungry for an English muffin. (exception to the rule: Eggs Benedict)

Bathroom Fans
I have no idea why these exist. They're loud and I hate them.

Cosplay / LARPing
Don't get mad at me, I just don't get it. I don't really care to either. This is because seemingly every time I've encountered people that are really into a certain series or character, and I've asked them about it nicely, they're extremely rude and pretentious about it. Don't be so defensive. Maybe I'd like it too if you weren't such an asshat about it. Some of your costumes are really cool, don't be a jerk if I pay you a compliment. Sorry I'm not a member of your secret club.

PC Gaming
Most of these are 1 player, and if I'm trying to hang out with you, I can't do that if you're playing some dumb game. I know you have an Xbox, dig out a controller for me too if you want to see me while you play a game.

Caramel is disgusting, especially the sticky kind. It's a mess and I don't like it.
(exception to the rule: Cow Tails)

Picky Eaters
I can't tell you how many times I've had to give up trying a new place because someone I was with would only eat a certain thing. Excuse me? There's more to life than chicken fingers.

They have a weird texture, create dust, make horrible noises and can never be as clean as when you bought it. I just can't get on the chalkboard obsession bandwagon.

What grinds your gears?
Do you have any of the same peeves as me?
Check out my other list here.


molly said...

i hate caramel as well, it just so horrible! xxxx

Hayley said...

I'm a picky eater but we can go for pho anytime though so it's cool. I'm the opposite way round where I don't like most Western food but love Eastern food.
Water Painted Dreams xxx

Nora Spaulding said...

I like this and its hilarious, agree with some, disagree with others.....English Muffins are BOMB!

Sam Murakami said...

In defense of the cosplay club I have to say: Most cosplayers in Europe don't know what they're doing. It's a really big and lovely community in most Asian countries but Europe just gets it horribly wrong. So I can see where your annoyance comes from.
As for caramel; I worked at Starbucks and mankind loooooves camarel. I kinda don't know why either its sticky and doesn't even taste that great...

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