Adventures in Old Town

Today, Dan and I decided to go on a little adventure in Old Town Alexandria. We'd been planning to go for quite a while, but somehow we always missed our chance. Since both of us had the day off, we jumped at the chance for a little day trip.

We started out with a little walk along the Potomac River, which was nice to look at, but it was less than 20°F so we didn't stay outside long.

Next, a restaurant we were excited to try, a little place called Haute Dogs & Fries.

The atmosphere was super warm and welcoming, and the walls were decorated with both paintings and photographs of the cutest posing pups. We gawked at the menu for a while, everything sounded so good, it was hard to decide!

I ended up picking the Bombshell, a hot dog with onions, mango & pineapple relish, and topped with jalapeños. It was a great mix of spicy and sweet. I also got the Mac & Cheese which was, dare I say... THE BOMB.

Dan got the OBX hot dog, which included chili and coleslaw. I didn't get a chance to taste it, but she gobbled it down pretty quick. She also got the Mac & Cheese, rave reviews as well.

Then we stopped by a local arts & crafts warehouse called the Torpedo Factory. There were so many studio spaces and exhibits with amazing artists, it was kind of overwhelming! It was a really cool place, but I refrained from taking pictures out of respect for the artists.

One of my favorite stalls was that of Lisa Schumaier, who made magnets and other little things out of mixed media, most of which were recycled. Her sculptures were really unique, animated, and creative. It was like a trip into another world. Check out her art here!

We also visited some other little shops like The Urban Attic and The Lucky Knot. So fun!

Have you ever been to Old Town?
What would you love to do with your day off?


  1. Jess, thanks for visiting us and your kind words! Hope to see you again soon.
    - Haute Dogs & Fries xx

  2. Jess, thank you for visiting us at Haute Dogs & Fries and for your kind words. Hope to see you again soon! - HDF xx

  3. Wow! I have not been there, but need to go LIKE NOW!:) So delicious looking....ummmm such a foodie I am:) xxoo


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