a post for the Valentine's Haters.

February 12, 2014

It's almost Valentine's Day.
I know a lot of you have Ron Swanson's attitude.

You feel a little like Dwight Schrute.

Maybe you've had your heart broken recently.

or you're just really comfortable with how things are right now

just remember to

take a break if you need it

and keep in mind that all the candy will be on sale in a few days!
The divorce rate in the United States is 50% and we're not getting any younger. Maybe you're in the mood for an Anti-Valentine's day this year and that's just fine. Get on with your bad self (yes I just said that) and plan a little something, or nothing, to get your mind off of this holiday that after all, "IS JUST A MARKETING SCHEME FOR THE CANDY COMPANIES" or whatever.

Yes, Valentine's Day is just another day. A day that a lot of people happen to love.
If you're still a hater, here are a few things you can do to have a very Un-Valentine's day:

Do your Taxes
Fold laundry
Go to the Dentist
Scrub your kitchen floor
Write a letter to your Congressman
Pick up your dry cleaning
Eat vegetables
Clean out your closet
Ignore your text messages
Pay your bills
Wear sensible shoes
Get your oil changed
Wait in line at the DMV
Change your air filter
Take out the trash
Go to a city council meeting
Clean your drain
Get a wax
Sit in traffic

Are you a Valentine's Day Hater?
What are your Anti-Valentine's Day Plans?
and be sure to check out Caelan's message to the Haters! She's the best.


  1. hahahah very funny!
    all the candies will be half priced.

  2. It's just a hallmark holiday. ;) My husband and I have been together for over 10 years and never celebrate it. hahaha

  3. I'll spend it at work - the single worker type ahah
    I'd probably eat more chocolate than a couple of lovebirds together...

  4. Haha! Yesss half price chocolate day is the best! :)

  5. I'm pretty indifferent about Valentine's Day a la Ron Swanson but if people want to celebrate it, why not! It's harmless :) Plus like you point out, always have the Valentine's Day merch that goes on sale to look forward to from Feb 15 haha


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