A Tour of My Bedroom

 I've been making a point to keep my space organized, tidy, and bright. Especially since I've been on an interior design kick lately. I've reorganized my room with the ideas of feng shui in mind, and made sure to only keep what I need and use, as opposed to stacking and packing like I'm prone to do.
I love having my art on the wall, and I've been brainstorming some ideas for new paintings! I've also organized my "Prosperity Corner" (far left) to include elements like my change jar, a bedside light, and some good luck symbols. I'm not sure if it works, but if anything, it's a good placebo effect, and I'd like to think I have all the help I can get when it comes to growth and prosperity :P

My dresser is located in the "Relationship" corner of my room, and I try to keep everything in groups to promote harmony in my life. This is also one of my favorite parts of my room, with all the pink, jewelry and pretty things, and my perfume collection. It also includes two of my favorite pieces of art, the koi watercolor by my friend Olivia, and the "Lovers" print by one of my favorite artists, Colin Frangicetto.

I've got a little "reading nook" by my desk, complete with a leopard sitting pillow and one of my favorite plush friends, Ox, the Uglydoll.

My closet is a work in progress, as it should be. It's got my clothes and shoes, as always, but also my extensive collection of boxes and tins (I have a problem.) I've also got a basket of stuff I'm fixing to take to a yardsale once the weather gets warm. I keep my bottles of fun here as well, don't get judgey wudgey on me, it's college y'all. 

My desk is another favorite place, and I make a point to keep things that inspire me here. It's the perfect size and space to create. I love sitting down with a mug of tea, some sweet jams, and my watercolors or a sketchbook.

I'm steadily adding to my magnet collection as well!

My bookshelf is another source of inspiration. I keep my books, CDs, precious little trinkets, airplane bottles, electronic accessories, plain white canvases, and basket of LUSH products here. I call this area of my room my "blogging sanctuary."

What is your favorite part of your room?
Have you given your readers a bedroom tour?


  1. Gorgeous room. I'm especially in love with your doona cover and your prosperity corner. I think I may create something like that in my own home.

    Thank-you for sharing!

  2. Your room is so cute, I love the bunting on the walls.
    I want to do a tour of my uni room, but I just need to add a few more things to my room before I do so :) x

  3. What a cozy room! I love your desk area, you've got lots of cute things and it looks so organized! I also love how you have your jewelry hanging on the wall. I'd love to do something like that with my jewelry.

  4. What a cute room ^^
    I have the same problems with boxes and tins (-_-)!


  5. Your room is wonderful! I love the eclectic mix of art, beauty products, books and general bits and bobs - yet it still manages to look neat and tidy. This looks like a wonderful place to be creative.


  6. I'm loving the perfume bottles on the cake stand! So cute. I should do a tour of my room too, I'm moving out of it soon and it totally deserves to be immortalized on the internets.

  7. Awesome room - very cosy and so well organized!

  8. You room is very lovely. I love everything about it, especially your nail polish rack. I need one of those so badly <3

    Chamomile Dealer

  9. I Love the grouping of all your perfumes set on the cake stand. That looks really pretty ♥

  10. I love the idea of using a cake stand to display your perfume. A really nice post

  11. I love this.. Its inspired me to re-vamp my room!

    Ash xxx


  12. Great post. Your room looks very cosy and I love how you've styled the top of your dresser. I'm currently revamping my own room, so this has given me a lot of inspiration. I'll be sure to do a room tour post when it's a'll finished. I have a reading nook too, a vintage ottoman belonging to my nan under my windowsill.


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