Business Babes | An Interview with Abby Galloway!

Happy Friday everyone! It's that time again, another installment of Business Babes! This week, I've got Abby Galloway, an extremely talented Etsian and blogger that dabbles in a little bit of everything. She paints, illustrates, and designs beautiful fabric. I asked her a few questions about herself and her shop, and her answers were just as interesting and inspiring as her craft!
Self Titled: Abby Galloway
My logo is an ink and watercolor bee w
hich is a play on my name and because I love flowers & honey.

Tell us about yourself:
I am 22 years old and currently living in Kentucky, just 75 miles south from the Derby City of Louisville (planning on moving there this year). I am passionate about many things including food, flowers, nature, and of course fashion. I cook and bake nearly everyday, make recipes, cocktails, and wine for myself and my friends, snuggle with my cat, play piano (planning on buying a ukulele soon), and frolicking through the flowers and the park when the weather is nice.

Interesting facts you don't know: 

I don't have a middle middle name and I was born in a barn(definitely weird), I've been to 25+ states and Canada twice but never been on a plane, ambidextrous, synesthetic, and I dream vividly and quite strangely every single night.

A description of your product:
My products are custom made and full of personality for all shapes, sizes, and ages for women. My designs vary, some people say whimsy, but I think it ranges from mid-century art to art-deco with a bit of twist. The prints are either ink, watercolor, or both with pops of my favorite colors.

When did you start your shop?
Officially started my business in 2013.

Since middle school, I planned on going to Art School for graphics & illustration, but after graduating in 2009, I started leaning towards fashion. After that, I skipped college and started towards my goal of designing by working at a fabric store instead. There, I learned many things about fabric and sewing with the help of my aunt and the ladies at work. Later discovering the business of fabric design and printing.

After working there for a year, my family wanted to open a restaurant granting me 1/3 ownership. We were in business for about 2 years where I was the baker (that's where the cake came from) and designer for all of the website, logo, and displays. About a year into the restaurant, I started designing fabric on my free time and planned on making dresses with my aunt, but it didn't work out. After we closed the restaurant, my intentions were to go full speed into my business. In spring of 2013, I made my first sale and have been doing it ever since.

What are your goals for your shop in 2014?
I would like to keep designing prints and making clothing and hopefully catch the attention of businesses to do contract work for clothing and accessories.

Things that most inspire you to create:
I'm very nostalgic, so my designs are usually things that remind me of good memories, people in my life, or things that I love. Most of the prints have a sentimental value to me and it makes me excited to think that it reminds someone else of good things.  

Do you have a favorite Etsy shop besides your own? Care to share?
No favorites, but I do love just about all of them so far!

A peek inside your workspace:

Do you have any advice for anyone just starting out?
Absolutely, always, without a doubt, be passionate about what you do. 

What would your ideal day be like?
My ideal day would be 70 degrees, sunny and slightly breezy and either wandering through the city with friends or sitting outside with a nice drink.
Also, any day at the beach is an ideal day for me.

Thank you so much, Abby! 
Be sure to keep up with Abby's shop via her social media links below!


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