DIY Solar System Necklace

For a while I was lusting over some jewelry on Etsy with a solar system theme. Since I've decided to be a teacher, I've fallen in love with almost everything that reminds me of Miss Frizzle from the Magic School bus. I showed my inspirations to my mom, hoping she'd get a kick out of them, and to my surprise she said "Jess, you can make that!"

So the search was on, to find gemstone beads that resembled the planets. Labadorite for Mercury, Jasper for Venus, Lapis for Earth, Carnelian for Mars, Agate for Jupiter, a yellow pearl for Saturn, blue coral for Uranus, a glowing glass bead for Neptune, and since it was a planet for most of my life, a Feldspar bead for Pluto. I used Black Onyx and seed beads for the "space" surrounding the planets, and my beautiful jeweler mother hooked it all together with clamps and a clasp.

Now I've got my own little Solar System necklace. I'm so happy with it, and since my mom and I worked on it together, it's much more meaningful than it would've been had I purchased it from someone else.

Overall, the necklace took me about an hour to string, and if I were to purchase the entire supply list (instead of having most of the beads on hand,) it would give me enough to make about 15 of these necklaces for around $50 to $60.

What have you made lately?
Have you ever recreated an item instead of buying it?


  1. wow this is awesome! and that's super special to have made it with your mom :)
    my newest endeavor is a tassel necklace! i can never seem to find the one i want & have some awesome twine i got from target :D
    hope to stay in touch!!
    xx Corinne

  2. Oh la la the necklace looks amazing! Well done Jess <3 I also love the fact that you included Pluto, I still consider it as a planet as well. I just can't let go :)

    Chamomile Dealer

  3. Love it! I totally want to make one now.

  4. This is so cute! I hadn't see these solar system necklaces and now I must have one! <3

  5. that is such a nice idea! and I am so happy you included pluto, solar system feels incomplete without it ;)

  6. I love this necklace! You should consider making more to sell. Pluto will always be a planet to me, so I'm glad you included it.


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