Wishlist // Bee Mine

Spring has sprung! Well, kinda. To welcome in the warmer weather, I put together a little spring wishlist / gift guide inspired by my favorite of all insects, the honey bee! I've been seeing bees pop up everywhere in the past few months, and I think we're definitely up to see the "bee…

daisy painting - inspired by Amy Poehler

Earlier this week I posted the swap parcel I got from the lovely Meghan of Totally Barbaric. She asked me to make her something featuring this quote from Amy Poehler. I get worried for young girls sometimes; I want them to feel that they can be sassy and full and geeky and smart and independent, a…

Art Swap with Meghan from Totally Barbaric!

This week I got a wonderful package in the mail from one of my business babes, Meghan from Totally Barbaric! We really hit it off from our love of the same TV shows and decided to do an art swap based on those. She wrote me the sweetest card, and her packaging was adorable! Almost too pretty to op…

Business Babes - an interview with FUN CULT

Shop Name: 

Tell us about yourself:
I have been making my unique style of banners since I first started the shop in 2005.
I have done craft tutorials for books put out by Chronical and Penguin.
I watch a lot of old movies. I love TCM.
I enjoy roadtrips, 1 day or 3 weeks.
I like watching business …

work in progress - macaron watercolor

Thankfully I've gotten back in the saddle when it comes to art and crafting! I'm so glad to have my creative spark back, and to be able to pick up the brush again. I've had a lot of art projects going on, but my favorite is definitely my watercolor macarons. I started this on a whim on…

Wishlist // Spring Workout Essentials

I've been hitting the gym lately.  Well, I've been giving the gym a nice pat.
It's actually surprising how much energy a little session of cardio will give you, and not to mention, how cute athletic clothes can be! Over the past month, I've moped around Lululemon a few times, lamenti…