Art Swap with Meghan from Totally Barbaric!

This week I got a wonderful package in the mail from one of my business babes, Meghan from Totally Barbaric! We really hit it off from our love of the same TV shows and decided to do an art swap based on those. She wrote me the sweetest card, and her packaging was adorable! Almost too pretty to open!

The first package I opened was a beautiful embroidery with the quote "I love you and I like you" from the wedding scene in Parks and Rec. She also used a flower print which is reminiscent of the wildflower mural that is so important in the show. She also sent me a sweet little surprise, a monogram of my name that goes along with the background of my blog. How adorable are these?

I hung them on my wall immediately, and I'm so happy to have some new art to cherish! I did a little painting for Meghan, and I will update you guys on that when she receives it. Art swaps are so fun, and I'd totally be open to doing more in the future! Thank you so much Meghan!!

Check out Meg's shop, Totally Barbaric!
What is your favorite TV show?


  1. love this idea and those embroidery hoops are everything. parks and rec for the ultimate win. yesss.

  2. Those are beautiful! My favorite show at the moment is the Walking Dead but I'm a huge 30 rock fan. ;)

  3. I found your blog after you followed me on instagram the other day (@whitetrashfairytale) and I just wanted to say that I think I might be in love with your blog! It's the cutest thing ever, and I may be spending part of my snow day going through your archives like a (friendly) creeper, lol.



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