Wishlist | Bee Mine

Spring has sprung! Well, kinda. To welcome in the warmer weather, I put together a little spring wishlist / gift guide inspired by my favorite of all insects, the honey bee! I've been seeing bees pop up everywhere in the past few months, and I think we're definitely up to see the "bee trend" a lot more this coming summer. Will bees become the new owls? I guess we'll find out soon!

This look includes:

Happy quasi-Spring everyone!
What are you wishing for lately?


  1. Lovely wishlist! I can only imagine how good the honey body butter smells! ♥

  2. Gorgeous wishlist! I'm loving Olivia Burton watches at the mo and featured a cute bird one in ony of my wishlists the other day...great minds :) Love those slippers too! Danielle x

    frontière girl

  3. Ahhhh this post is perfect for me! Haha That body butter is freaking insane. The smell kills me it's so good! My life requires I check out and hopefully purchase everything on this list :)


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