is that spring in the air?!

March 09, 2014

The great thaw has begun! Finally! After a loooong winter, with countless snowstorms, I'm so happy to finally be able to go out in just a hoodie again! Maybe someday in the coming weeks I can bust out the short sleeves!! Starting tomorrow, I've got a week of Spring Break, but I won't be hitting the beach or busting out the AK47s with James Franco. Just like my summer break coming up, I'll be working and keeping an eye on school work, maybe with a bit of tomfoolery mixed in. I'm so boring, I know!

After what seemed to be hours of shoveling, only to have the snow replenished time after time, I finally gave up and let winter win. This was the cause of endless ass-busting over the period of a week or so. Thankfully, nothing was hurt but a little pride.

Our driveway is also on a super steep and winding hill, so we had to park on the sidestreet for most of February and March. Not that big of a deal, but still a tiny inconvenience, especially when the snow was shin deep and we had to walk down the hill to our cars! Sabrina snapped this photo in the thick of it, we had 14 inches, and the plows took days to finally finish our neighborhood!

Now that spring is finally knocking, our plants can start to grow again. I got a little friend at Ikea, a succulent! He fits perfectly in the hippo planter I found at an antique shop years ago. I smile every time I see it. What should I name him?

Do you have any plans for the spring season?
What will you miss about winter?


  1. Oh wow. Scotland's winter has been so weak this year, we were told it would be the worst winter since 1945 and that there would be 3 months of persistent snow. Nope.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. in paris we didn't see any snow this winter and those photos makes make quite sad about that. even though i am happy to hear the birds singing again

  3. I love seeing photos of where you live - your neighbourhood is so pretty. I asked my boyfriend what he would name your hippo planter as he walked by my laptop and he said "Elmer" (without hesitation), so there you go ;)



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