Wishlist | Spring Workout Essentials

I've been hitting the gym lately. 
Well, I've been giving the gym a nice pat.

It's actually surprising how much energy a little session of cardio will give you, and not to mention, how cute athletic clothes can be! Over the past month, I've moped around Lululemon a few times, lamenting my inability to purchase $98 yoga pants. I've really wanted to try my hand at yoga lately. Expensive pants aside, I think I will try it out if I find a nice class in my area. Also, without further ado, here is my spring workout wishlist.

a pair of comfy yoga pants // pair of Nike flex trainers // twistband hair elastics // the "Tap is Terrific" water bottle // a sports bra with tons of support // some spandex shorts // a yoga mat, of course // a fun Herschel duffel bag // this adorable Hello Apparel pullover.

What are you wishing for?


  1. I seriously need to invest in some cute workout clothes! Maybe I would be more motivated to exercise then, haha! :)


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