Treat Yourself Tuesday - LUSH Sex Bomb Review

March 18, 2014

After years of trying LUSH products, I finally got around to trying the classic Sex Bomb. I've always had a beautiful relationship with my local LUSH shop, and even though I try to stay away, I always go back whenever I'm in the general area. This time, I gave in to the passionate mix of Jasmine, Sage, and Ylang Ylang. A scent that is well, pretty dang sexy.

After dropping it in the bath I was quite impressed with the pretty pink color it gave off, perfect for a girly night of pampering! I was kind of hoping the little rose embellishment would stay intact so I could have a little keepsake, but it quickly dissolved into a soft papery blob. This was my least favorite part, as it was a pain to wash off the sides of the tub once my soak was done. 

Overall the bath was very relaxing and left my skin feeling smooth and silky. I could definitely see this being used for a romantic bath with a boo thang. Maybe someday ;)

What is your favorite LUSH product?
What makes you feel like a sex bomb?


  1. Warning, you're now going to catch up with me on all the weird things people will search and find your blog ;)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Love Lush bombs! Even though they're a little pricey they're totally worth it. My favorite so far is the Blackberry Bomb. Mainly because it fizzles to a strip of paper saying Boom Boom!


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