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April 20, 2014

The lovely view on my Geology field trip to Accotink Creek in Annandale, VA

READING: Lately I've been all over the place with books. I can't pick just one! My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler is my latest, and I love reading it for a good chuckle before bed. In the less fun reading department, I've been poring myself over textbooks. It's finals season, folks!

WONDERING: If I'll be able to travel much this summer like I plan to. I'd like to finally be able to take a vacation after the 5 straight semesters that I've been at school!

FEELING THANKFUL: For my friends and family. I always try to set time aside and express my gratitude. Those close to me have been ever so wonderful lately and I am so glad to have each of them in my life. 

EATING: I've been all about Kind bars and mini babybell cheeses. Before that it was wasabi almonds. I go through food obsessions at least once every few weeks. I'll always be down for a Diet Pepsi and a Butterfinger too!

WATCHING: Oh dear. I've honestly watched 100+ episodes of 30 Rock over the past week and a half. Non stop Liz Lemon, I love it. Having Netflix on while I'm doing homework or blogging is like my go-to ritual to relax after school and work.

WORKING ON: A project for my Geology class, future "Business Babes" interviews, and managing to squeeze in some art hopefully!

LOVING: The fact that season 2 of Orange is the New Black is coming out in just a few weeks! Also super into my style tumblr lately. Such class!

ATTEMPTING: to work out a savings plan for the road trips I'm hoping to take in the next few months. We're definitely going to Philly, and maybe Boston too! I'd be so happy to see Nashville as well, but I might have to save that one for another time.

WANTING: a more "professional" wardrobe, to get classes over with, and of course, with my yoga obsession, I'm lusting after a pair of Athleta yoga tights!

What are you up to lately?


  1. Always always always have Netflix on in the background of blogging!

  2. Yay for swaps! So glad to have you joining us for this one. :)

  3. You've been busy lately :) Didn't know OITNB was returning so soon (even though it has been a while lol).

    Chamomile Dealer


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