Alex and Ani - New Beginnings

This past week I took a little trip to the Mosaic District to stop by Alex and Ani. They were having a charity event, so I jumped at the chance to snatch up my favorite bracelet with the added benefit of extra funds going towards a foundation I believe in.

I chose the "New Beginnings" bangle because recently I've had a lot of clarity and have noticed a lot of growth and change for the better. In the past few months I've decided the path I want to take. This means quite a few more years of school, a masters degree, and then hopefully a teaching certification. My long-term goal is to become a high school english teacher, and since I announced my plan I've recieved a lot of support from my friends and family. This means the world to me, and ever since I made my decision, it seems like the proverbial page has turned, and I can see the road ahead of me a lot more clearly than I had before. I think I knew what I wanted to teach all along, but with all the support, I'm more excited than ever.

Alex and Ani was a really cool place to shop. I was really impressed with the atmosphere of the store, and the quality of the packaging I received after making my purchase. They also offer a 10% college and military discount, which is awesome! Especially since at $28 a pop, Alex and Ani bracelets are way more affordable than the other "trendy" jewelry on the market today (*cough, Pandora *cough*) I'll definitely go back if I ever get another craving for something shiny. Which may be soon, because I have my eye on a few of their other pieces!

Do you have an Alex and Ani bracelet?
How did you know what you wanted to do with your life?


  1. I've never even heard of this brand before but I'm super intrigued!

  2. It's a wonderful feeling when you finally realize what you want to do. Congrats on figuring it out! That is such a pretty bracelet, I've never heard of them but I definitely want to check them out