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Hey everyone! This week, I'd like to introduce you to Elif from Chamomile Dealer, a lovely blogger I met a few months back. She hails from Turkey, has the cutest Instagram on the planet, and sure knows her way around a camera! She's also one of my sponsors this month, which is kind of the best thing ever! I asked her a few questions and she gave such sweet, thoughtful answers!

Name & Blog Name:
Elif, Chamomile Dealer

Favorite color: 
Haven’t had one in a long time but I’ll go with green.

Lucky number: 
14. Probably because my birthday is on the 14th.

How would you describe your style? 
Comfortable and really dependable on my mood. It will definitely change from day to day but it doesn’t drift too far away from jeans and a shirt.

Celebrity crush(es): 
I’ve always had certain crushes at certain points in my life and it always seems to change as I also do. Right now it’s probably Ewan McGregor. I just love his work (and most other things about him, of course)

When and why you got into blogging: 
I got into blogging in May 2012 because I was at a point in life where things weren’t looking too good. I was struggling with my health and I just needed something to take my mind off of it. It was a tough year but being involved in things like blogging have made me better, more positive. I was also very inspired by a blogger I came across at that time and I enjoyed her blog so much and it reached out to me and I thought I had to do the same for others.

Pet peeve: 
My biggest pet peeve that I can think of right now is probably people who walk slow (or people who randomly stop in the middle of the road). It annoys me and I get frustrated because Istanbul is very crowded and people are rushing all the time so if someone stops then there is literally human traffic. Also I need to catch my bus, those things don’t come that often lol.

Most prized posession: 
As I’m a pretty sentimental person I can say that I have many things (objects that I have saved or recieved) that I hold dear to my heart. But of course none of those things mean more to me than my family or friends so I guess that has to be it.

Dream Job? 
 Astrophysicist, because I love the universe. But of course I’m not smart enough for that so a more likely dream job for me would be photographer. That one I could accomplish.

Things that most inspire you: 
My family along side with the whole concept of ‘whatever happens get up on your feet and move ahead’ are one of my biggest inspirations. It’s just something we all have to do because life will go on, no matter what.

Favorite stores: 
H&M and Tally Weijl.

Favorite food: 
I really love vegetables and Turkish dishes made with runner beans, spinach etc. are probably the things I enjoy eating most. Also chicken. I LOVE CHICKEN.

Favorite dessert: 
Waffles (with lots of chocolate and fruits on top), macarons, donuts and turkish delight (this could be longer.)

Favorite book: 
The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. I don’t know the reason but whenever someone asks me what my favorite book is this one comes to mind.

Favorite movie: 
This one I can’t answer because I have too many favorites but if people are wondering my how my movie taste is than they should come and check out my review posts on my little blog. It’s always nice to see new faces.

What would a perfect day be like for you? 

This could be a ton of things actually. As long as I’m healthy and enjoying the moment that day will be the perfect day for me. I could either be out and about or indoors doing absolutely nothing.


Thank you so much, Elif!
Make sure you check out Chamomile Dealer!


  1. I like Elif's attitude, especially that she picked her family and friends as her most prized possession. I also love that her biggest pet peeve is slow people or people who stop randomly while walking! That made me laugh because I get SO frustrated walking around Glasgow when people are just sauntering along, with seemingly no sense of aim or direction!


    p.s. also amazing sense of style - love the pineapple top with the polka dot jeans!

  2. Astrophysics scares the sit out of me. Like seriously. THE SUN IS GOING TO ENGULF THE EARTH. That is scary. I could never be an astrophysicist. My current career goals are swapping between theoretical physicist and chemical physicist.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. Thank you for this lovely opportunity to be interviewed by you Jess! You are an amazing person and I enjoyed answering your questions so much <3 And your kind words have made me extremely happy.

    P.S. @Charlene: Thank you for all your lovely words! I'm so glad to have made you laugh :) @Hayley: I'm not even studying physics, it just sounds interesting to me lol! I'm on the road to becoming a translator but being a photographer would be a dream. I hope you accomplish your career goals! Thanks for the comment :)


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