Favorite Color Swap with Angie of My So-Called Chaos!

This month I participated in the Favorite Color Swap, and Angie of My So-Called Chaos was my swap partner! It was really great getting to know her a little better, and it felt like we were old friends! Obviously, my favorite color is red, and Angie did an amazing job picking out items. Included was a book called "Red Velvet Cupcake Murder," a color whisper balm stain, a beautiful red Essie polish, "use your words" pencils and a sharpener, a poppy growing kit, a face mask,  adorable washi tape, and a set of measuring cups (how did she know I needed these?!) Also included was a bag of yummy pomegranate candies that I devoured instantly, and a "Big Sexy Hair" spray that ended up in my beauty arsenal, and eluded me when it was time to take photos! Look at me falling off the ball!

I couldn't be happier for the items I received in this swap. I'm over the moon! Thank you so much Angie! It's been great forming a bloggy friendship with you, and I'm so glad to be a reader of yours :)

You can see what I sent Angie here!

What is your favorite color?
Go give Angie's blog a red, I mean read!


  1. Aw this is so cute. I would have loved to have been involved in this!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. Red has always been one of my favorite colors too. That swap is such a fun idea!

  3. Ack, sorry I missed commenting, I am SO glad you loved it! You took such great photos of it too!

  4. This is such a great idea for a swap. You got some lovely items from Angie.


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