It's Okay To... | Vol.2

  • to "accidentally" treat yourself.
  • to know exactly which Sex and the City character you would be.
  • to openly tell people which Sex and the City character you would be, like it's a valuable and socially acceptable personality trait (because I'm a total mix of Carrie and Charlotte)
  • to cancel plans because you have cramps, a headache, or a Netflix queue.
  • to start a "trendy" hobby for any reason at all, even if it's just because you think it will make you look "cool." Don't worry about the hype, just get out there and try new things!
  • to be a little too emotionally attached to your favorite celebrity. (I'm looking at you, RyGos!)
  • to look into an imaginary camera a la Jim from The Office when someone says something stupid.
  • to sit around all day, waiting for the mail to come.
  • to spend entirely too much time earning points on Swagbucks or one of those online survey sites.
  • to plan your career, wedding, baby shower, and other future events on Pinterest, years before they're likely to take place.
  • to change your mind, change your major, or plans without having to explain it to anyone.
  • to eat all the ice cream.
  • then the cookies.
  • to "forget" to do your laundry from time to time.
  • to "forget" to go to the gym.
  • to take to twitter to make all your important life decisions.
  • to get super into the idea of having a Triple Crown winner this year!
  • to plan a Belmont party, with big hats and mint juleps, even if you're not into horse races.
  • to not give a rat's about any of it.
  • to celebrate the little things.
  • to celebrate the idea of celebrating.
  • to celebrate yourself.
  • to celebrate "Treat Yourself Tuesday" "Taco Tuesday" or another alliteration today!
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What are your "it's okay" list items?


  1. Is it ok to have never seen Sex In The City?
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. I am definitely a Charlotte!

  3. Those things are definitely Okay, and I'm mostly a Carrie. Though I would have totally told Big to eat dirt and gone for Aidan. She really screwed that one up.

    1. Me too, Big was never my favorite, and leaving her in the first movie? NO WAY DUDE! But I guess he gave her the zsa zsa zsu!

  4. CHUCK BASS <3 Oh how I miss all of them.


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