Wishlist // Spring 2014

May 18, 2014

Hunter Short Boots in Dark Ruby // Clarisonic Mia // Lollia Relax Perfume // 

Spring is in the air! (More like summer actually) and I've been looking into fresher, more simple products and pieces. I've been wanting to take better care of my skin, and the Clarisonic has been on my radar for months now, same with LUSH's Ocean Salt scrub. Have you ever used these products? Are they worth the money? What did you think of them?

The perfume and curling wand are both things that would make me feel pretty for spring, and the Hunter boots would be for sloshing around in puddles. If I get any money from the yard sale I'm having after spring cleaning, you can be sure I'll be grabbing an item or two from this list!

On the topic of "New Beginnings," this year has been one for the books thus far. I've taken quite a few steps forward, and I'm excited to have decided what I want to do after college. The rest of my college career will be focused on my major and that makes me extremely happy! Once this summer semester is over, I'm facing all Literature classes! Yes please!

What are you wishing for lately?
What are you up to this spring?


  1. I love my clarisonic since I got it for Christmas last year! It's a wonderful addition to the skincare routine and my skin is always suuuupersoft afterwards. However, I don't think it improves the condition itself drastically so just don't expect wonders and you will love it :)

  2. Ocean Salt is a really great scrub. A bit harsh though if you have sensitive skin.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. I looove my Mia2!!! Also, that BedHead curling wand didn't get hot enough for me, FYI

  4. Those wellies are so cool! Also, in LUSH we trust.


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