Best Ways to Unwind after a Long Day

There are a few little gifts that come along with being a responsible adult. Those gifts are called stress, anxiety, and irritability. I've gotten my fair share of these gifts over the past few months. Life takes us for a ride sometimes, and we still have to hold on, while balancing work and a social life and sanity and all that jazz. It helps, if at the end of a long day, or week, or month, you can sit down and do something for yourself. These are a few of my favorite things to do when I've had an abundance of those gifts we talked about.

Read - Reading is a great way to sign off from the real world for a while. Not only is it relaxing (so relaxing that I often fall asleep) it's a great mental exercise. Too often we get caught up in emails and texts, but forget to actually read for the sake of it.

Take a Bath - A bath is one of the best things to do when you've got aches from tension or stress. It also helps you to feel fresh and clean. I'm a definite believer in the life-changing power of a LUSH bath bomb!

Use Your Hands - Making something can help ease your mind while also making you feel creative and establishing a sense of pride. Knitting, crocheting, beading, cross stitching, painting, coloring, or even working on a puzzle, there's something for everyone!

Drink Some Tea - Have you ever tried Celestial Season's Sleepytime Tea? I swear, that stuff is like a relaxation potion. One sip and I'm ready for bed. If you're looking to unwind, chamomile, peppermint, or any kind of caffeine free herbal tea should do the trick.

Purify - Have an at-home spa night! I can't tell you how great I feel after scrubbing, cleansing, and slathering my face in moisturizer. Exfoliating, painting your nails, or doing a hair treatment are great ways to feel pretty and pampered.

Stretch - When I need a break, I take a minute for some yoga and do a Sun Salutation exercise. It's simple, quick, and will have you feeling calm, strong, and focused in no time.

Snuggle - Never underestimate how nice it is to spend a little time cuddling with a pet, your boo, or a comfy blanket!

Reflect - I recently got a book of quotes from Rumi, a poet and mystic of the 13th century. His poems are a great way to remember what matters, and to reflect on the beauty of life. You can reflect by looking at old photographs, writing in a journal, reading the scriptures of your choice, or anything that keeps your heart in the right place.

What are your favorite ways to unwind?


  1. I love this post. I was practically nodding along to "Too often we get caught up in emails and texts, but forget to actually read for the sake of it". I have such a bad habit of picking my phone up and swiping through social media even while I'm reading a book - I need to learn to switch off properly, put my phone and laptop in the other room and just get lost in a good book for a few hours.

    I also recommend going for a long walk to de-stress - I think the fresh air and exercise can really help clear my head. And going away somewhere new (doesn't have to be on holiday or anything - just get on a train going somewhere different) can really help give me the, literal, distance to put things in perspective.


  2. I read for an hour every night before bed and I believe it does me the world of good. When I don't do it I struggle to get to sleep as easily!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. Great tips, I totally agree with you I love unwinding by reading :)

  4. Reading with a big cup of tea is the best way for me!

  5. Mm love these ideas. Reading fiction helps me unwind, for sure, and I do love coming home to a DIY project since it engages my mind in a different way than my 9-5.


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