Wishlist // My Birthday 2014

July 10, 2014

I've never been one to make a big list or to ask for much (or anything) for my birthday. I'll be following that same path this year, as all I've asked for is a few friends to come over for a slumber party to watch silly movies and eat junk food with me. (Hello 2003!) Other than a sleepover, there are a few things I've got my eye on.

Alex and Ani - Living Water Bangle - This bangle is so pretty, and a part of the proceeds go to delivering clean water to those in need of it. What's not to love about that?

Currant Scones Heel in Black - These have been on my wishlist at Modcloth for quite some time. They're super cute and retro, but also professional, and they're actually pretty affordable compared to a lot of heels out there.

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda - Hot Spot - For as long as I've lived, I've been the worst at keeping organized. This planner could potentially inspire a pulled-together and on-top-of-things Jess. Potentially.

They're Real - Push Up Liner - Cat eyes are my jam, and if they're easier with this nifty liner, sign me up. I can't tell you how many times I've messed up a perfectly good face while trying to apply that pesky liquid liner. No more!

What are you wishing for?


  1. That bangle is so pretty! Good choice!

  2. Hope you get everything you want and more!
    Water Painted Dreams xo


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