A Day at Shenandoah Caverns

Yesterday Sabrina and I took a tour of Shenandoah Caverns. The tour was a mile-long stretch of winding rock and mineral formations. It was so cool to see such an amazing thing so far underground (upwards of 200 feet!) and to think, when the caverns were discovered, there was no electricity! That means, the first people to explore the caverns did so in total darkness, with maybe the help of a candle-lit lantern if they were lucky! The caverns also had many cute and quirky features, like a wishing well, a bunch of silly gnomes on the grounds, and a rock structure that looks just like the Capital Building in DC! Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the caverns and was quite funny too. Overall, the tour was a great experience!

Have you ever been on a tour of a Cavern?
What are your favorite "natural wonders?"


  1. I went to the Genolan caves in Australia when I was little, but all I remember about it was my grandma's boyfriend telling me there would be vampires and then I was terrified!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  2. Oh! I love a good cave system! My parents took my brother and I to Ruby Falls in Tennessee when we were younger. The colors of the cave and waterfall just make you fall in love with the place. I always recommend anyone going there if they are visiting the Lookout Mountain area.

  3. I went to these caverns when I was 11 or so, and I still remember how cool they were! Great pictures!

  4. Wow! Breathtaking! Great photos...

  5. These photos are great! I've been to a few different caverns but I've never taking any pictures while inside, I'm definitely wanting to go back!

  6. That place looks amazing! I love the sparkles.
    I went to a place a bit like that here in England called Cheddar Gorge. I was pretty young and all I remember was tripping up on a step in my orange donald duck leggings (that's 90s fashion right there)


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