girl crush - BANKS

August 03, 2014


Let me introduce to you... BANKS. A fresh artist on the scene, and I can already tell she's going to take the world by storm. She's like a dark fairy mixed with Lorde and Lana Del Rey. Even in that comparison she's completely her own.

I first heard her music a few months back and was instantly hooked. Though her songs ring deep and powerful, they have a calming nature. Sure to bring out a bit of feeling in anyone that gives her a listen.

Not only is she extremely talented, she's got a unique and brooding beauty about her. Mesmerizing might be the right word. I'm kind of obsessed.

Have you heard of BANKS?
What do you think of her music?


  1. I heard "Waiting Game" either on a television show or the local alternative radio station and really fell in love. Her voice is so cool. It's dark and mysterious. I really like the whole black and white vibe she's got going to. Adds a whole other grim element that I love.

    xx Francesca

  2. I love her music, It's perfect to listen to late at night.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to her, as I LOVE Lana del Rey lol You have such a cute blog btw, glad you to have found it! :) xo

  4. Ooh, haven't heard of her, but glad I have now. Love her look and confidence! xx


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