A Taste of Chuy's Fairfax.

This weekend, my friend Maddy and I attended a media preview of Chuy's, a new Tex Mex restaurant in our area. Chuy's hails from Texas, but has recently branched out north and plans to steadily take over the east coast. I'm not kidding when I say that Fairfax was in dire need of a good sit-down Tex Mex experience. We have our Chipotle, Cafe Rio, and a few other hole-in-the-wall places, but nothing quite like the experience and fun that Chuy's offers.

We started out with cocktails and a tour of the new space. It was great to hear the history of Chuy's, watch fresh tortillas being made, learning about the artists, crafters, and pickers that help make the Chuy's experience what it is today.

Chuy's sees the importance of making their customers feel like friends, and throughout the restaurant you can see many personal touches the Chuy's team adds to the atmosphere. Not only is there a river of hand-carved fish swimming through the bar, but in the bottom right of this photo you can see the GMU fish, which of course is totally unique to the Fairfax location. Another thing I loved was learning that if you bring a framed photo of your dog, they'll hang it up for you! That's something that every pup deserves!

We were offered a variety of cocktails, and of course Maddy and I were excited to try those! To start, we had the Humble House Margarita. It was light and refreshing, and made with hand squeezed limes!

Next was the Sangria, which was so delicious. This is seriously the one to try, even if you're not a wine person.

There was also a jalapeƱo martini, which was to die for! 

And a frozen strawberry margarita! Yum!

Our Chuy's has multiple rooms with different motifs, and one of my favorites was the Hubcap Room. Complete with hundreds of hubcaps from multiple makes and models of vintage cars. It was awesome to see something that would normally be discarded turned into a work of art!

We also had a "sauce tour" and got to taste all of the different sauces that Chuy's has to offer. Maddy and I loved the Deluxe Tomatillo, Ranchero, and different varieties of queso. My favorite by far was the guacamole. It was simple and fresh and SUPER tasty.

We also got to try the Tortilla Soup, made with fresh chicken and tortilla strips. This is a great option for lunch or an appetizer, as it's not too heavy.

We also tried the steak and chicken fajitas, which were super tender and flavorful!

The star attraction was the Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken. A nod to the king of rock, this dish is a chicken breast with a Lay's potato chip crust (interesting!) and topped with a green chili sauce. In one word: AWESOME.

All in all, I think Chuy's is a great addition to the Fairfax food scene. The staff is warm and friendly, the drinks are fabulous, the food is awesome, the atmosphere is creative and kitschy, and the prices are reasonable. All that makes for a great dining experience. If you have a chance, stop by, and tell them I sent you!

Have you ever been to Chuy's?
What would you try from this list?


  1. This place looks great. I can't wait to try those fajitas!

  2. I'm SUCH a sucker for mexican! New Zealand just doesn't do mexican the way the states does :(

    timothy + ariana

  3. This looks absolutely amazing. If I ever come visit you we need to go. I've never tried tortilla soup but that looks amazing!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  4. great place - they even bring out about a dozen different sauces and salsas to taste so you know what to drown your food in! very artistic interior. beer only served in bottles no tap - so bring a coozie!


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