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September 22, 2014


Tell us about yourself: 
My name is Zoe Jade, I'm 28 years old, and I live just outside West London. I love making things, taking photos, wearing dresses, and going on adventures. I'm addicted to bubble tea, have a degree in Creative Writing, and can speak (very basic) Japanese.

A description of your product:  
I make laser cut wooden jewellery featuring vintage and retro imagery. I'm also starting to turn my hand to other products, mainly stationery, because paper goods are my biggest weakness aside form jewellery! I like things that are pastel coloured, retro, and a bit kitsch, so I think this aesthetic is reflected quite strongly in the things I make.

When did you start your shop? 
About two and a half years ago (wow has it really been that long?! time flies when you're having fun!)

What are your goals for your shop in the future?
My goal is just really to keep on growing! I'd like to expand my product ranges and try some new things. I'm hoping to do even more talks and business mentoring in the future as it's something I absolutely love doing. And I'd like to see more of the UK with Ladybird Likes. At the moment I can't drive, but am taking lessons so that I can one day make my business more mobile and do craft fairs and events all over the place!

Things that most inspire you to create:  
I am a huge fan of flicking through books and magazines for inspiration. I keep stacks of them all over my house ready to have a flick through when I need inspiration.

Do you have a favorite Etsy shop besides your own? Care to share? 
Oh gosh I have SO many Etsy shops I love! Some of my faves belong to my crafty friends - Hello HarrietOh No RachioLuna on the MoonYour Fan ClubKatze Shop to name just a few!

A peek inside your workspace:
Do you have any advice for anyone just starting out?  
The best advice I can give is 'work hard and be nice to people.' There is not much you can't acheive by doing those really simple things. Also, shut up and get on with it. I work with other creatives and small business owners regularly through my business mentoring, and one of the biggest things that holds people back is there own excuses and self-doubt. It's SO easy to make excuses to not do things, so my best advice is to just stop talking and DO things!

What would your ideal day be like?  
As cheesy as it may sound, every day running my own business is pretty much my ideal day! But my ideal non-working day involves taking lots of pretty photos, drinking bubble tea, wearing a polka dot dress, making stuff, exploring somewhere new, a spot of car boot sale bargain hunting, and lots of puppy cuddles! 

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  1. This stuff is amazing. I love every piece of it! So amazing :)

  2. I lovelovelove Zoe's gorgeous things! Thank you for introducing her to us. I'm now off to have a nosy around her Etsy shop. x

  3. Such gorgeous work! I love Etsy spotlights!

  4. Ah, such pretty items! Will definitely be checking this shop out. Love the bird!


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