Too Faced Melted Lipstick Review

September 25, 2014

Recently my friend Emily and I went on a little shopping date, and found ourselves stalking the shelves at Ulta. Emily was looking for a pretty red lip, and I was just along for the ride. That's when I happened upon this lovely violet shade, Melted Fig by Too Faced. I'd never thought a purple lipstick would look nice on me, but after trying it on I was hooked. The lipstick comes in a squeezable tube like a lip gloss, but stays matte. It does move around a little, but if used with lip liner I'm sure it would stay in place. I like to use this lipstick with a bit of chapstick to make it a little more sheer when I'm not feeling quite as bold. Overall, I'd recommend this lipstick to anyone looking for a bright punch of pigment!

Have you ever tried a purple or magenta lipstick?
How do you feel about liquid lipsticks?


  1. This is such a lovely shade, I bet it look great on you:) I have tried a magenta lipstick & I loved it! Lately I've been loving liquid lipsticks more, I feel that they last longer; also, I live in a hot place & regular lipsticks tend to melt faster.

  2. I've been loving these shades recently. Very autumnal! xx - would love for you to come visit sometime xx

  3. Having just embraced Lime Crime's Velvetines, I'm loving the liquid lipsticks that dry to mattes lately! My Velvetines don't budge though, so definitely check out a variety as I don't think they should be moving around! CC x

  4. Gorgeous! I have Melted Coral x


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