7 Reasons Why Being Grumpy Is Actually the Best

I'm the first to admit that I'm a huge grumpy gills. A stick in the mud, and even sometimes a bit of a negative Nancy. Of course I still know how to have fun, and definitely appreciate all the little things in life, but sometimes crabby is just my default setting. See, the thing is, grumpiness has its benefits. Quite a few, if you ask me. Here are all the good things about being a grump:

1. No unnecessary social interactions - That means what you do with your time is up to you! There's no small talk, no boring "getting to know people" and definitely nobody trying to sell you anything. Those pesky Girl Scouts be damned!

2. There's no hiding it - People know when you don't like something, and that leaves out all the guesswork. Waiters will automatically bring you new food without asking, those crappy Christmas presents take themselves back to the store, and people love that you're so honest.

3. No fake friends - The people that choose to be around you will be around you for the long haul, because people that aren't genuine will be deterred by your cynical and crotchety nature. You might even find friends with people that value your ornery moments, which is a sign to keep them around forever!

4. You're basically a mood stabilizer - You're always the grumpy one, so when your friends get all whiney and complainey, you're the one to set them straight. How dare they encroach on your grumpy territory! Plus, then, you look like a really good friend for making them feel better!

5. You hardly ever get duped - You're suspicious of everything, and that means trust doesn't come easy, so you're definitely not the person to get tricked into anything. You're realistic and observant. Take that, british lottery emails!

6. People think you're hilarious - Sometimes, your bad moods can morph into their own silly, dramatic kind of super-grumpy, where you hate everything and everyone. Once you realize you're being over dramatic, you can capitalize on the comedic moments.

7. You're staying true to yourself - Embracing your feelings is a great thing! It keeps you in balance and people will admire that you always keep it real. Keep doing you, hot shot!

Now get out there and let your grumpy flag fly!
What is your favorite thing about being grumpy?


  1. I'm not typically grumpy, but when I was in school I would automatically morph into an extreme grump to avoid having to speak to anyone. It does have it's perks! Haha.

  2. Yes yes yes to #1! Being grumpy can be a good thing!


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