The Bread on the Floor Incident: And Other Moments When Living with People Got Really Weird.

October 16, 2014

The other day my friend sent me this photo. She'd come home to her apartment to find two slices of honey-wheat bread laying in the middle of her kitchen floor. There was no explanation, just bread. This got us started on a conversation of all the crazy things we've experienced while living with people the past few years.

I asked some of my friends to tell me some of their weirdest roommate stories, and this is what I got:

"One of my roommates managed to pull the sprinkler out of the ceiling and ended up flooding the entire building the night before finals. The building was evacuated and I had to sleep across campus and finally got to bed around 2AM..."

"My roommate used to take hour long showers... three times a day."

"My roommates left a trash bag full of dishes (both mine and not mine) in front of my bedroom door with a note..."

"One of my roommates always walked around the suite completely naked, without warning, all doors open."

"My roommate threw away her waffle iron because she didn’t want to clean it..."

"One of my roommates had her boyfriend living in her room for months."

"My roommates always seemed to use my kitchen supplies that took more effort to take down than their own that they have in an easy access drawer. Of course they never wash them or put them back where they belong."

"Once, my roommate woke me up and kicked me out of the room to have a "personal" Skype date with her boyfriend, when I was clearly in the room before she was."

"My roommate had friends over, they all got drunk, and she allowed them to barf all over the bathroom and living room. It took her quite a few days to even start cleaning it up."

"I had one roommate that only came out of her room to do laundry or get food."

"My roommate always snuck into my room without my permission to use my beauty products and stole things like my tampons and postage stamps."

"My roommate got drunk and was convinced she had been in the bathroom for two hours, but in reality it was only like 10 minutes."

"My roommate would stockpile tons of food each week, but never eat it. Then I started noticing that a lot of my food was disappearing..."

"A roommate I had accused me of not cleaning up after (wine and beer bottles) from "my friends" when they were actually hers."

"My roommates had people over without a heads up at 11PM on a weeknight and were loud enough to be heard over Skype through a closed door."

"I told two of my roomies they could have some of my lime-a-ritas, as long as they were staying in for the night. I came home from work a few nights later to find red solo cups and empty lime-a-rita cans strewn all over the kitchen and living room."

"When it was cold outside, my roommate would turn up the heat to 89 degrees"

"My roommates used my pots and pans to cook dinner super late at night and didn't clean them for at least a week..."

"After about half a semester one girl wasn't seen again until move out day."

"My roommate flooded the bathroom taking a "romantic bath" with her boyfriend."

"My roommate constantly mispronounced words and corrected me on my (correct, mind you) pronunciation... with confidence."

See, the thing is... that no matter who you are, each and every one of us is a little bit insane. We all have our quirks and our particular annoyances and our strange mannerisms. Living with people can be a pain, but it can also be an awesome experience. You learn so much about other people and can learn a lot about yourself too. You learn to adapt, you learn to solve problems, and you learn to remember which day is yours to wash the dishes.

Do you have any crazy roommate stories?
Any idea why there was bread on my friend's floor?


  1. What entertaining stories! I somehow managed to never have any roommates, It sounds like a really wild experience to be thrown into small quarters with a stranger and have to figure out how to get along.

  2. this post is too funny! i have a million weird roommate stories from college...some funny and some that are just bad. it was definitely a learning experience living with people!


  3. Haha ooh dear. I've never had a roommate/flatmate before, after reading these I'm not sure I want to...

  4. Throwing away the waffle machine as she couldnt be bothered to clean it really made me laugh, although i'm 100 sure i've done something similiar in the past.
    Love the post
    Little blonde Life | Lifestyle blog

  5. I could do a post long as this talking about a single one of the 7 housemates I had in three years of university...


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