White Oak Canyon Hike | Syria, VA

Yesterday, my friend Emily and I went for a hike in White Oak Canyon, one of the trails that belongs to the Shenandoah National Park System. White Oak Canyon is famous for its waterfalls, and since we were in town for the Graves Mountain Apple Festival, we decided to take a quick stop by White Oak to hike up to the falls. Since the weather was so beautiful (if not a tiny bit chilly), the two mile hike was brisk and refreshing. It was so nice to get out in real nature, after feeling cooped up in the "big city" for a few months. White Oak had lots of big rocks to climb (a big plus if you're part billy goat like I am) and so many gorgeous trees and picturesque views of the riverbed. I would definitely do this hike again, and maybe someday I'll manage to hike the entire Shenandoah Trail System!

What's your favorite place to hike?
Have you ever been to the Shenandoah Valley?


  1. Cunningham Falls in Thurmont, MD is probably my favorite place to hike, I love it. Or the King & Queen Seat/Falling Branch in Jarresttsville. They're so fun and incredibly beautiful. I love waterfalls!

  2. I'm not much of a hiker (2 miles sounds okay though) but this place looks quite pretty. I imagine it would be better hiking when the weather is a little colder, I dislike being out and about when it's sweltering!

  3. Haha part billy goat ^.^ beautiful photos, I love areas which have pretty waterfalls & it looks like you had perfect weather x


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