Meadowlark Botanical Gardens | Vienna, VA

A little while back, Sabrina and I took a stroll around Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, VA. This was my first time visiting, interestingly enough in the fall, because Meadowlark is kinda locally famous for its flowers and beauty in springtime. So even though I missed the peak season, it was a nice experience to walk around and see all the changing leaves. Since they were getting ready for their holiday time lightshow, there were Christmas lights wrapped around most of the trees, and we saw some hanging snowflakes draped along the walkways. I imagine it will be really stunning once they light the whole place up!

Along our walk we saw a Heron, beautiful vibrantly colored koi fish, and the Peace & Harmony bell in the middle of the Korean garden. The venue is kind of a hidden gem among the hustle and bustle of Northern Virginia life. It's a great place to get away!

What's your favorite place to get away for a few hours?


  1. So pretty!! I love visiting gardens like this, they're so relaxing and fun to explore.

  2. Gorgeous! What a lovely place. I like to go and look at the sea :) xx

    The Persephone Complex


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