my day off, a photo-an-hour-post.

9 AM - took some time to fully wake up and answer some emails. It's been so cold here lately that I've had to double up on blankets. There's a definite chill in the air! Sabrina and I decided to use our day off to do some shopping, especially to visit Ikea!

10 AM - getting ready for the day, with some of my favorite products. Tarte is the best stuff ever!

11 AM - after a 30 minute drive, we arrived at Ikea!

12 PM - Ikea is so awesome, how can you not want to buy absolutely everything?

1 PM - lunch at Panda Express! I had the honey sesame chicken, and it was awesome.

2 PM - a little shopping... a little too much shopping! I took Loft by storm, the sale section was on fire! If only my bank account would've allowed for a spree at JCrew and Lucky Brand.

3 PM - a stroll around Occoquan, a little town on the Potomac river.

4 PM - a little Christmas shopping at the Golden Goose. Their ornaments were awesome, I particularly loved the food themed ones. How can you not want a sushi ornament?!

5 PM - on the way home

6 PM - a little wine with dinner. I've been making this killer salad lately, full of cranberries and grapes. It sounds kind of weird, but it's the bomb!

7 PM - baking my favorite brownies while watching one of my favorite movies. The perfect way to wind down after a long and treacherous day of shopping and eating!

8 PM - getting the Christmas stuff ready, I'm chomping at the bit to decorate!

9 PM - getting a little blogging done :)

What did you do today?


  1. What a lovely idea of sharing your day! I'd love to do this, though I'd probably save it for a day I do something exciting. Everywhere you went looks beautiful, especially the little town you popped into, adorable!

    Sarah xo || time to see the stars ||

  2. Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous day out! I love the IKEA photo ;) hehe.

    S x

  3. Ohhh I love this idea for a blog post! Really fun to read and it'd definitely encourage me to make the most of a day off too!

  4. Oh I love this idea for a blog post! So fun. I love Waitress, one of my favorites!!

  5. Woah that town is the most picturesque place ever! xxx

  6. This is a great post idea. :) definitely need to try this out one day!

    Jessica. xx


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