What I Learned from My Beauty Hiatus

For the past few months I've been primarily "Maintenance Free." This was caused by a particularly daunting beauty disaster I'd had back in August, leaving me without eyebrows. Yes, you heard that right. I had basically no eyebrows for quite a long time. They'd been waxed entirely too thin by a heavy-handed salon technician. I took to filling drawing them in for a few weeks, but after a while I got frustrated and decided to just wait for them to get them back to their normal unruly state again.

This means I gave a big middle finger to the idea of wearing makeup, and I'm not even sure why. I think it was a combination of laziness and generally not giving a care. Though I was never the person to wear a full face every single day (I work with kids, there's almost no point some days), I decided to see how the no-makeup train worked for me.

(Not so) surprisingly enough, going without makeup is pretty easy. I thought I would be really self conscious going to school or the grocery store bare-faced, but on the contrary, I noticed I seemed more worried about my appearance when I actually wore makeup. I was no longer worried about what would happen if I rubbed my eyes, or if there was lipstick on my teeth. Though this didn't lead to any miraculous or ultra-empowering confidence boost, I didn't spend as much time nitpicking or fretting about my appearance.

I also started listening to my skin more. Without piling on the products, I noticed what my skin was telling me. I knew which parts were dry, which parts tended to get oily, and the best places to pay close attention to when I was expecting a breakout. Letting my skin "breathe" for a while was also a blessing as it lead to less acne in general, woohoo!

Without the extra product, I noticed that the things I liked about myself were still there without makeup, both appearance related and not. I'd always known that there was more to me than just my looks (and I really hope that all of you know that about yourselves too!) but not wearing makeup helped me realize that even more. Compliments I received seemed to be based more on merit than appearance, or seemed to be even more heartfelt when someone told me I had pretty eyes or a nice smile.

Through all of this, I still love makeup. I think it's a great tool and helps us highlight our best features or try something new and super fun. I think in the future, I'll save a full-on application for special occasions and give my face a rest for a few days each week. During my beauty hiatus, I learned the right routines to keep my skin and hair at their healthiest. All in all, I learned to appreciate myself more, with and without makeup.

Would you ever take a beauty hiatus?
What is your healthy face routine?


  1. This post rules. I've been going without make up more often lately and it feels great. Your makeup in the top photo looks beautiful and you are gorgeous in the bottom one. :) xo

  2. I've always been self conscious without makeup on, I have put on makeup every day for at least five years straight! And before that it was rare for me to go more than one day without it. But lately I have been wearing a lot less and I am liking it! Maybe sometime I'll try to go without it :) Great post!

  3. Since my skin got better I've been going without makeup more often as well. As you said, it is a lot less to worry about, and I've slowly gotten used to the way my skin looks without foundation!

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