Blogger Book Swap with Sophie from Nana Wintour

A while back, a few of my favorite bloggers and I organized a blogger book swap. I ended up swapping books with two bloggers, and I'm so happy with all the loot I happened across! My partners spoiled the dickens out of me. In this post, I'm showing you what my gorgeous pal Sophie sent me, all the way from New Zealand!

Sophie got me Lolita, a classic that I've always wanted to read! I actually got her Lolita as well, so that cracked me up. Great minds think alike!! The other book was Lena Dunham's Not That Kind Of Girl, which I am very very excited to read. I've heard great things about it, and am interested to get my fill of all the "controversial" topics. 

Sophie also sent me a volume of Frankie magazine, which is an absolute DREAM to flick through. A gorgeous red lip balm from LUSH, an adorable Alice in Wonderland notepad, and a Gilmore Girl's postcard, which is going up on my gallery wall as soon as I can get a frame! Also included were some of her favorite candies like Jelly Belly jellybeans, Lolly Disguises, and Perky Nana. I'm excited to try them all!

Of course I was all over these lip shaped gummies. They actually tasted kind of like wine. I am definitely a fan!

Thank you SO much Sophie!!
All of you, be sure to check out Nana Wintour!


  1. Those are definitely on my list to read! I need to finally finish reading the books I started ages ago, haha.

  2. Awww! I am so glad you loved your parcel! I hope you enjoy the candy. Those disguises are my favourites-especially the moustaches. xx

  3. Oh wow this is awesome! I love the fact that you guys both sent each other the same book. And omg Frankie magazine is gorgeous. I would want to own a copy <3

  4. Ah what a lovely selection. I love that Penguin Classics cover of Lolita too :)

  5. ooooh!! what a wonderful parcel to receive!! i've always wanted a frankie magazine (postage is too pricey for me!) and that gilmore girls postcard is superb!!!

  6. I loved this book swap, can't to do another!!

  7. Just came from Sophie's post, love what you sent her and love what she sent you! Hope you enjoy all the NZ lollies! x

    Cass | CassandraMyee


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