ICE! | Winter Celebration at National Harbor

Earlier this month, my roommate Sabrina and I headed to the National Harbor to check out the winter festivities. Our main goal was to see ICE, a display of ice sculptures and Frosty the Snowman themed fun inside the convention center. Decked to the nines for Xmas, the National Harbor's tree was so gorgeous!

The Gaylord convention center gave us these huge blue parkas to wear - our best fashion choice of the month. They were much needed, as the sculptures for ICE were kept at a chilly 9*degrees F! That's 23 degrees below freezing!

The sculptures were so cool, it reminded me so much of watching Frosty the Snowman when I was a little kid. There was also a set of slides made entirely of ice! There was no way I was passing that up!

At the end, there was a beautifully carved nativity scene, and though I wish there were more rooms to walk through, it was a really cool experience!

And of course we couldn't head towards the National Harbor without stopping at the Krispy Kreme factory for coffee and donuts in Alexandria!

What was your favorite event this Holiday season?
Would you go down the ice slide too?


  1. That massive tree and the ice sculptures look so beautiful! Glad to hear you had a nice Chrimbo. :)

  2. I love such grand celebrations. I am also looking to plan for couple of corporate events as a newbie event planner. So, it will be great if you can help me with couple of good ideas. Thanks in advance.


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