Busy Snowy Day

 Hi friends! It's been such a busy week and it's only Wednesday! I started my first classes at GMU and have also been working, so it's been tough getting used to the daily grind again.

Today it snowed, and parking on campus was an absolute nightmare. I did get ahold of Taylor Swift's new album, so my trek to class wasn't all bad. My favorite song is Style, it's so cute!

I really like all my classes thus far, my professors are really cool and funny, and for once I'm excited to actually start working on my assignments. I think it has something to do with actually taking courses I'm interested in!

Now that the day is over, I'm finally able to crash at home, but I have an even bigger day ahead of me tomorrow, classes from noon to 10pm ahhh! Other than classes and such, my main goal for the week has been to develop a blogging schedule. I really need to get everything organized and up and running smoothly.

Now my question for you - what do you want to see on Writing in Red Lipstick?


  1. I've found that I really enjoy blogs that show collaboration, series with themes, or generally unique content (such as fun opinion pieces or how-to's, etc.) I honestly just want to see your blog as it truly is - don't change anything unless you truly wish to see it change. Keep doing you! :)

  2. Aw the snow looks pretty even though it was inconvenient! Aah 1989 is such a good album. Good luck with college :)

  3. What a pretty snowfall, I am still waiting to see snow this winter! I always like reading daily life type posts from bloggers, it's interesting to see peeks into someone else's life! I also enjoy reading your witty opinion pieces!

  4. Thanks for your comment dark! Ohh it does match your blog, pretty pretty!

    I wish London would snow, it's so lovely x