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February 15, 2015

Oh it's been a crazy couple of days! I've been so busy! Art projects have been underway, countless poems needed to be analyzed for class, and I've started to get involved in campus life. I just now got to sit down with my parents and spend Valentine's weekend relaxing and snuggling with my cat. Finally!

The ring above is something I designed with my mom in her jewelry workshop. It's a sterling silver disc with a small garnet in the middle, and a handcrafted arrow wraps around the shank of the ring. I've been wearing it on my pointer finger, and I love that it's kind of "southwestern" in design, while also having a sentiment close to my heart. Maybe it's kinda sappy or cliché, but "aiming true" and "moving forward" were the ideas that inspired this piece.

Another great thing that happened this week came in a little package from Canada! I'd been lusting over the pins and other "lifestyle improvement items" from Explorer's Press. I've gotten so many compliments on the keychain already! The pins will be decorating my "thrash vest" (that name makes me laugh every time I say it out loud.)

Another lifestyle improvement, Sparkle Toast! Such a simple pick-me-up. It's just whole wheat toast, a generous swipe of Nutella, and rainbow sprinkles. Guarenteed to make your day 1000x better in under two minutes. If you try it, be sure to tweet me a picture and let me know what you think! @olivineeyes

I also got the chance to show my friends one of the best movies ever. Earlier last week, my bestie Le'Andra told me she'd never seen American Beauty, and neither had my new roommate Grace. So of course Tianna (my other roommate) and I felt a strong need to expose them to arguably the best Kevin Spacey film ever made. Though the subject matter is a bit heavy, the film is so beautifully made. I could talk about it for hours. It's. So. Freakin. Good. If you haven't seen this movie, you need to run to the nearest Target (or used book store, that's where I found my copy, for $2!!!!) and watch it this instant.

Speaking of movies, I've been slowly but steadily growing my collection of "personal classics." Since this photo was taken, I've added Horrible Bosses and Moonrise Kingdom to the collection. I'm still hoping to find Dead Poet's Society, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and quite a few others on the cheap before long. I might need to buy another shelf! Are any of your favorite movies in this collection? What other flicks do I need to add?

What was the highlight of your week?


  1. OOooo. Sparkle toast. I have all the ingredients and will have some tonight! And yes, American Beauty is a classic. Maybe we should watch that again? Hmmm. Have you seen House of Yes? or Interstellar, yet?

  2. Great movie collection ;) American Beauty is an extraordinary film. Kevin Spacey is one hell of an actor... and I loved the chemistry between him and Mena Suvari!

  3. I love your ring, my dad and brother are goldsmiths too! Your film collection is impressive - I think you'd like Almost Famous, my favourite of all time! :-)

    Daisy x /


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