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Hello all, happy Tuesday! Today I have another segments of Bloggin' Babes for you, but wait! Not only is this lovely lady a blogger, she owns her own Interior Design company! How cool is that? Jacquin and I connected over twitter a few weeks ago, and she gave me the chance to interview her. I loved reading about her business savvy, her travels to India, and I'm sure you will too! You have to take a peek at her wedding photos too, so gorgeous! Without further ado, say Hi to Jacquin!


Your Name & Blog Name:  Hi! My name is Jacquin and I’m the owner of Interiors by Jacquin, an interior design business and inspirational décor blog. I’m so glad to be featured today on Writing in Red Lipstick!

Tell us about yourself:
I'm from Chicago, but I've lived all over, including internationally too.  I went to Davidson College in North Carolina for college and I graduated from law school before starting my business ventures.  I admittedly have the travel bug and I am interested in all pursuits regarding travel & culture!  I am currently operating between Southern California, Dallas, and Chicago... and wherever else my passport can get me.  The Interiors by Jacquin blog focuses on chic interior design and stylish living.

How would you describe your style? 
I would say my personal style, when it comes to both fashion and interior design, is classic with an artful punch. I’ve never been one to go crazy with trends. I take the Jackie Kennedy approach toward style, take classic pieces and silhouettes and then add something really special and unique to accent.   That way you never look back at photos of yourself or of your home and say, wow, that’s really not in style anymore -eeek!  I’d also say that my personal style is full of color!  I gravitate toward brighter shades in both personal fashion and design.  You can tell from my blog design that I just love color!

Celebrity you admire most:
I’ve been following the career of Lauren Conrad and I am just so impressed by the business empire she’s built. She has taken her own personal style and developed so many products, to ultimately create an enormous brand. She’s involved in fashion design, publishing, blogging, TV, merchandising, and she’s a tastemaker! Lauren Conrad is a mogul in her own right, and at the same age as me (29), that’s quite impressive! She’s definitely an admirable business woman and creative force.  

When and why you got into blogging: 
I began blogging in September 2014 for two big reasons. One, I wanted to promote my interior design business and I thought an inspirational décor and style blog would be just the way to do it.  Two, I LOVE writing! Like Jess, I was an English major and I had written for a few publications as well as dabbled in travel writing, and I found that I was a talented writer. I am so glad that I got into blogging! I love the creativity of blogging as well as getting to write so frequently, not to mention the amazing community of fellow bloggers out there!  Although, I started the blog to promote my interior design business, I must say that I’m totally sold and will likely be a blogger for life!

Most prized possession: 
I would say that my most prized possession is a beautiful antique, engraved knife I found while studying abroad in India. I bought it as a gift for my then boyfriend, now husband, and we’re convinced that it must be some famous, historical blade of great value. I’m sure it’s the result of watching Antiques Roadshow so much as a kid, but we’re keeping hope out that maybe, just maybe, I stumbled onto a museum quality item. At this point though, maybe I’d rather imagine that it’s the most amazing blade ever, rather than having it appraised and learning that it’s valued at $5.99. Lol


Why you love your job:
I love that as an entrepreneur I can mold my current job into my dream job! Currently, I have two businesses. The first is my interior design business, which started out as styling the homes of my clients, and now after several requests, I’m adding wedding styling to my services!  Only in entrepreneurship can you expand your business to fit your dream vision.  My second business actually helps others to reach their professional and entrepreneurial goals through my company Accelerate Document Review. Accelerate edits resumes, cover letter, and academic papers, along with providing small business services like drafting business plans and corporate registration. As women, we have greater financial potential running our own business than working for someone else’s, so if you have a creative business you’d like to get off of the ground, let Accelerate Document Review help you get started. Yay for women entrepreneurs!!

Things that most inspire you:
Artwork.  I am a lover of the fine arts and I visit art museums whenever I get a chance.  Artwork often inspires my interior design.

Favorite Color:
Yellow all the way! I even chose yellow as my wedding’s main color. Take a look

Favorite stores for clothing:

Favorite stores for decor:

Favorite book:
Start Your Own Business, Fifth Edition: The Only Start-Up Book You'll Ever Need by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc - Great book for those wanting to turn your passion into a business.  It walks you step-by-step through starting a business, from the beginning. 

Favorite post you’ve written:
International Spaces to Inspire because I love travel and approaching things from a global perspective and 10 Things You Want to Try in the New Year because it mixes it up from my usual interior design posts. Take a look!

Favorite movies: 
Coming to America - It’s soooo funny and an Eddie Murphy classic, Julie & Julia - I personally love cooking and daydreaming that I too am whipping up an original Julia Child recipe in the kitchen (and it’s an awesome blogging movie, too), and lastly Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - I’m referring to the original.  No Johnny Depp remake for me, although I do like Johnny Depp. I just loved Willy Wonka as a kid, and I still do!

What would a perfect day be like for you? 
A perfect day for me would begin with a stocked refrigerator with all of the ingredients I could possibly imagine to use for my recipe of the day.  I’d have a cup of coffee and then proceed to a perfectly organized day where I’d complete absolutely everything on my to do list, then ending the day by heading to my local park to feed the birds with my husband (one of my favorite activities), all with time to fit in a full 8 hours of sleep… a girl can dream, right?

Find Jacquin elsewhere on the internet:
Facebook // Pinterest (check out my board Luxe Interiors!) // Twitter // Blog // Etsy

If you’re looking to redecorate or add a bit of style to your space, be sure to consider Interiors by Jacquin for decorating services. Even if you live in a dorm room you can still live in a well-styled space! As a thank you to Jess and this awesome blog, I’m offering the readers of Writing in Red Lipstick a discount of $100 off e-design services for the duration of 2015. If you’re interested in interior decorating services, email and mention Writing in Red Lipstick for a discount code for $100 off!

Be sure to follow Interiors by Jacquin for your interior design inspiration!  
Have a lovely day!


  1. Nice feature- really loving that backless neutral colored chair!

    1. Thanks! Neutral can still be bold when done uniquely, and that chair really proves it. :-) Have a great week!

  2. I've been reading a few of the blogging babes posts and really enjoyed them! I also blog and like seeing people get featured for their work.


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