My Favorite YouTubers!

February 06, 2015

Lately I've been watching SO much YouTube. It's something that I've just started doing a ton of recently, in the past few months maybe. I enjoy a lot of the famous YouTubers like Tyler Oakley and Jenna Marbles, sometimes even Pewdiepie (even though I'm not a gamer) but some of my true favorites are those that have a bit "smaller followings" but most of them are really changing the game and I know they'll blow up soon if they haven't already.

Good Mythical Morning
I watch Rhett and Link's morning show each night before I go to bed. They talk about so many interesting topics and keep me laughing like no other. I found them a few months ago and have been hooked ever since. Rhett and Link have a few other channels and a podcast too, but Good Mythical Morning is the only thing I've really watched of theirs so far.

I started watching Bunny's videos a few years ago, back when she had around a "measly" 100 thousand followers, and since then she's hit over 4 million! Though I don't always watch her stuff, I usually find myself catching up on the beauty and thrifting hauls, tea vlogs, and First Impression Friday videos.

I found LeighannSays through Bunny (Grav3yardgirl) shortly after I started watching her videos. Leighann is super cute and funny, and I really enjoy her style as well as her taste in music and movies. I love her favorites videos and she just started vlogging her weekends, and that's been a huge treat!

I've been watching Miranda's videos for about a year now and I always catch myself mimicking her in my daily life. I'll go WHAT-uhh?! and ARE YOU KEEDING ME?! at least once a day. Miranda is so bootiful and perfec. Haters back off.

PsychoSoprano + JoshuaDTV
Colleen is the mastermind behind Miranda Sings, and she's also one of my favorites to watch. She and her Fiancee JoshuaDTV are so cute and they always crack me up. I also watch Colleen's sister Rachel's videos. The whole family is hilarious.

I found Drew through Trisha Paytas (blondesundoll4mj) probably about a year ago and I have been hooked on his videos ever since. He's a friend of Shane Dawson but is way funnier. His sense of humor is kind of out there, but his videos keep me laughing. His "Bullied on Omegle" series had me rolling on the floor.

I ADORE Gigi. I think she is absolutely stunning, has a great head on her shoulders, and is such a kind and inspiring individual. Even though she has kind of a barbie-doll style, I love to see the clothes she picks out and the makeup products she uses. She also tells great stories and delivers sass on the regular.

Kathleen's videos are my newest addiction. Her tutorials are beautiful, I look to her for beauty recommendations, and I think she's really charming. I wish I could steal her makeup collection.

BuzzFeed Videos
I know these aren't technically "YouTubers" but I really love the videos that BuzzFeed makes. I can always count on Buzzfeed to teach me something, keep my interest, make me laugh, produce something totally relateable, or even sometimes make me cry. The Try Guys Videos are some of my favorites. If you haven't already, you totally have to check them out.

Who are your favorite YouTubers?
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  1. I love Miranda Sings. I'm totally obsessed with her, I have been for years! You've got some great people on this list I love Josh, GMM, Trisha P & Gigi too! x

  2. I quote Miranda all the live long day too and receive the strangest looks (bear in mind she's a lot less known in the UK) Back ovvff!

  3. (Honourable mention to Josh too, he's such a sweetheart. Maahaloooww!) x

  4. I recently discovered Kathleen Lights and I've been really enjoying her videos. She is gorgeous and has a very vivacious and "real" kind of personality which seems like a large part of why she has reached so many subscribers in a relatively short period of time.

  5. I can't with Miranda. She cracks me up! Haters are going to hate, but honestly it takes a lot of courage to being doing what she does. Kuddos to her. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. GMM is great I watch it all the time


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