10 Things I Wish Were Trending This Spring

I'm sure by now most of you have heard of the things that are trending this Spring season. Just one look at Elle magazine, and you've got a boatload of things that will supposedly set you apart from the crowd, or more likely, get you in with the "in crowd." Big floppy hats or pantone colors, there are a few things I wish would trend this year. It sure would make my life a heck of a lot easier:

Here are things I wish would trend this Spring:

1. Sweatpants
No, I don't mean the $150 cashmere ones from J.Crew. I mean those ratty, saggy ones I bought from Target like 5 years ago. Super unflattering but so comfortable. Oh how I wish these were en Vogue.

2. Coffee Stains
I can't tell you how many times I've tried those teeth whitening trays or strips, attempting to get my teeth to *ping* every time I smiled. But one sip of coffee or tea later, and I'm back to square one. Let's all embrace our pearly slightly-off-whites and make it a trend. Who's in?!

3. Basic Human Decency
How many times have you been cursed out in traffic? Catcalled? Someone took your unassigned assigned seat? What about that time you stepped in dog poop because someone didn't clean up after their dog? When was the last time a stranger held the door for you? Let's all get back on the kindness bus. Let's make #BeNice a trend this year.

4. Messy Rooms
This one is self explanatory, I wouldn't have to clean my room anymore.

5. More Days Off
If we got personal days trending, we could have a lot more of them. That means less work and more time spent taking care of yourself. A scheduled day off work to get that mani-pedi or take a trip to the beach? A designated time to stay in bed and watch Netflix? What a dream! We'd all be so relaxed!

6. This Blog
Wouldn't that be nice?

7. Wine and Cheese Nights
Move over brunch, your less appreciated cousin is taking over. Break out the gouda and the merlot, we're getting crazy up in here.

8. Harry Potter Marathons
I haven't even seen the 5th-8th movies so if I could find someone willing to do a HP marathon with me, it would make my life. Seriously.

9. No Makeup
I love makeup, but it can be such a pain to put on and an even BIGGER pain to take off. I would be so down for makeup to be a "sometimes" thing, and not feeling like I'm naked without at least two coats of mascara on.

10. Love, Acceptance & Understanding
This should go along with #3, but I figured it deserved its own category. If we all loved each other (and ourselves) a little more, the world would be a better place. What if we valued each other for our differences? What if we all understood that each person is going through something we might not understand? What if we took time to learn and grow and make friends? #BeLove

What do you wish was trending this spring?
What are your favorite spring trends this year?


  1. ohmygosh!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! yes to all of these!!!! i don't have any sweatpants, BUT i've been wearing leggings as pants (around the house) for the past few weeks and i've been 100000% more comfy!! and as i've been feeling crappy for the past couple weeks: no make up days!! sure i don't look as wide eyed & put together but honestly? i don't care!!!! i LOVE wearing makeup but when i feel awful, it's just not at the top of my to-do list!!!

    i would totes have a HP marathon with you!! i haven't watched the last two films. i read the books a couple years ago and the last book tore my heart apart so i haven't been in any rush to have my heart re-break. >_____<

  2. Haha I love this post! If only half of these were real I'd be so on trend right now (currently makeup-less wearing my sweat pants wishing I had a day off tomorrow).

    ox Lucy

  3. I'm having a macaron and wine night right now but after all this sugar now I want some yummy cheese haha. And I'm due for a Harry Potter marathon.

  4. Oh my god I relate to nearly every single one of these points! The coffee stains one in particular, but not only for teeth. I have coffee stains on just about everything I own. It used to be embarrassing but now I just play it off like I'm marking my territory. No shame.


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