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March 30, 2015

Gwen Stefani was totally right when she said "This Sh*t is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!" She must've known about these chocolate covered banana slices from Trader Joes all along. I've been hooked on these the past few weeks. They're cheap, filling, and not all that bad for you, all things that a college kid needs. You go, Gwen Cocoa (see what I did there?! Ugh please excuse my horrible puns)

Aside from reaffirming the love of my life, Trader Joe, this past week or so really has been pretty Bananas. I've been as busy as can be with school and work and trying to keep myself alive. It's a hard knock life out here, people! Lately I've been feeling like Spongebob in the episode where he's writing an essay for like an hour, then realizes that all he's got done is a decorative letter "T" on the word "the." Do any of you know what I'm talking about? If not, here is a photo, because it's just that important.

Aside from school and work, one thing I did get to do was go out on a lady date to see the new Cinderella movie! I wasn't sure about it at first, but I ended up loving it. Yes, I cried at the beginning. You'll have to tell me if you saw it, and if you're a total blubbering baby like me.

Another crazy thing, I GOT A BIG SISTER! Well, a big sorority sister. I recently got involved with Greek life on my campus, and though I was kind of hesitant at first (like I am with most things, even movies) I've really enjoyed my experience so far! It's nothing like I expected, and I can already tell I've made friends that will last a lifetime. My big sister Tatyana is a real gem. I'll have to introduce you to her really soon! The photo above is just a few of the amazing things she gave me at our Big/Little Reveal ceremony. So sweet of her!!

My besties and I finally got a chance to go back to Honeypig (my favorite restaurant in the entire world) and pig out on a ton of Korean food. If you're ever in the DC Metro area, you NEED to stop by Honeypig. It's such a unique and fun experience, and you'll likely get to try things you've never had before! Everyone's favorite seems to be the beef bulgolgi with the garlic sauce, but you can even be adventurous and try something like baby octopus! So good. Honeypig is always a must.

Finally, this weekend I got a chance to unwind with some family friends I hadn't seen in forever. We spent time catching up, laughing, looking at old photos, coloring some really intricate coloring book pages, and sipping on some 7Up and Regal Apple Crown Royal (so good!) The view from their deck is stunning, isn't it? The big building off to the left is a Winery! I'll have to go there someday. Care to join me on a tour? :)

What have you been up to lately?
Do you have a favorite Disney movie?


  1. I love banana flavored chocolate treats! Those little bites look so yummy. :)

  2. Those look soo good! I just recently became a big Trader Joes fan. Don't they have the most amazing snacks?!

  3. Getting a big sister and then playing big sister years later are some of favorite memories of my sorority (I'm a Phi Mu)! Those bananas I was probably better off NOT knowing about ahha

  4. Oh my goodness those banana bits are my new favorite from Trader Joes!!!

  5. I used to shop at Trader Joes all the time when I lived in DC! I loved the food scene there. Congrats on your sorority! And I want to see Cinderella!

  6. You have me wanting to try those chocolate treats! Oh, how I miss my college sorority days. I can't wait to see Cinderella!


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