Spring Lookbook 2015

It's finally spring and I could not be more excited for short sleeves, pastels, peonies, and strolls on the beach! Spring has also got me thinking about my wardrobe, and transitioning into lighter fabrics and flowy midi skirts! I've been loving colors like mint and blush pink lately, along with the ever-classic black and white stripes. You can never go wrong with some other neutral colors (like navy and tan) or even some tortoise shell thrown in! These photos above have been some of my inspiration for spring!

The warmth has also been inspiring me to get a head start on organizing my warm-weather plans, and I know I'm headed to both the beach and Nashville Tennessee this summer!

There are also some big events coming up like the Wine Carnation Ball (a formal dance at my University) coming up in April, and one of my best friends, Kit, is getting married in June (I'm a bridesmaid, OMG!) I'll be posting previews of my dresses for these events soon. Maybe I'll ask you all to help me decide on how to style them!

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What are you looking forward to this spring?
What are your go-to spring colors?


  1. I love all of the bright colors and gorgeous geometric prints that are out this year--I just got a crazy colorful bathing suit that I can't wait to wear! :)

  2. Bright colors. The hotter the pink, the better! Also, I'm really looking forward to crop tops and maxi skirts.

  3. Warmth. I'm looking forward to warmth! That dress with the big roses on it makes me want to completely invent somewhere to wear that. It's gorgeous!

  4. I'm so happy that spring is here too! I'm obsessed with mint and blush pink, they're the best colors! Bring on the sun and pastels :)



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