7 "Quick Fixes" for Anxiety + Restlessness

There's a lot of stuff that comes along with being a human being, and sometimes it's not all that pretty. Even the most positive people can get struck down by a few stray thoughts and end up wanting to stay the entire day in bed. Anxiety and restlessness can strike at any moment, whether you're usually an "anxious" or "restless" person or not.

I know it may sound contradictory, but please know that you are allowed to feel this way. You are allowed to have sad days and happy days and in-between days. You will have sensitive days and strong days. They will all come and go. They may even happen all rolled into one. Everything you feel is valid. Your feelings are important. YOU are important, and you can do anything.

These "Quick Fixes" I offer aren't really fixes at all, because I don't believe that people really need all that much "fixing." I think people need support. I think people need encouragement and sometimes they need distraction.

Often, when I'm having a restless moment or a plaguing thought, I'll find myself googling "Ways to get rid of anxiety." Usually, it will say something along the lines of the typical "Take a deep breath" or "Talk to your doctor," but those answers never really satisfied me. (Although those are perfectly acceptable ways to go about relieving stress and anxiety, personally, they aren't my top choices.)

Over time, I developed my own system. I'm definitely not an expert by any means, but in time I found different ways to make myself feel better within my own realm.

Here are my 7 "Quick Fixes":

Do something creative.
If you're feeling down in the dumps, art will always be there for you. Any method works. Even if you're not a regular Picasso or Monet, you can still get your brush dirty and make something awesome. If painting isn't your thing, try paper cuts or magazine collages. Beading is very relaxing, as are knitting and cross stitching. There is a craft for every skill level and every personality. Now get out there and get making!

Change your location.
Though I don't recommend disappearing unannounced to a far away land, getting away from it all can really help you put things into perspective. Go pick up some groceries, grab some Starbucks, take a walk in the park. Getting some fresh air is always a good idea.

Do something nice for yourself.
Bake some brownies, paint your nails, or finally start that book you've been meaning to read. Take a long bath, burn a new candle, or snuggle up next to a pet. Watch your favorite show or cook your favorite meal. Anything that feels like a treat (within reason of course, retail therapy has definite repurcussions!) will likely help you to feel a bit better.

Talk to someone.
Getting a good gab in with a friend or family member can make even the dullest days feel brighter. Friends and family are great to lean on when you're feeling blue, but most of us can understand that sometimes it's hard for us to vocalize our feelings, and that's okay. Do what you're comfortable with doing in the moment. Maybe a heart to heart is up your alley, or maybe you'd rather just discuss the latest exploits of the Kardashian family. Anything goes if it does the job!

Get active.
Yeah, I know, it's the oldest one in the book. You don't have to get out there and run a marathon to have a better day, but activities like Yoga have been proven to help with stress levels. I like shooting free throws too. Just Dance on the Wii is kind of amazing. Whatever your brand of active is, get out there kick some ass.

Write it out.
Start a gratitude journal like my gal pal Sophie. Find yourself a penpal and send sweet things to each other via snail mail. Write a list of your favorite things on the planet. Attempt to create a story in the style of your favorite author. The possibilities are endless.

Have a good laugh.
This one might be a hard one to seek out, but there's always something waiting out there to tickle your funny bone. I personally love watching stand-up comedy specials on Netflix. Vine compilations are great too, and heaven knows there are thousands of funny cat videos circulating the internet. You could even call up a friend and reminisce about an embarrassing moment. Whatever works for you, get your giggle on, homie!

and a Bonus Jonas, if you're feeling up for it:

Turn it into something productive.
I didn't put this one on the official list, because there are days when I'm simply not having any kind of productivity. Those are the days that I REALLY don't want to beat myself up about my to-do list. On the other hand, If you do have any extra energy bouncing around, maybe use it to get to that chore you've been dreading, the errands you've been putting off, or the closet that needs organizing. It feels so good to get things done!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I hope these tips will be helpful to some of you. I totally understand that things get a little heavy sometimes, but that's okay. Remember that every day is a work in progress, and you'll do great.

What do you think of these tips?
Do you have any insight to share?
What are your "Quick Fixes?"


  1. Great list! I am often plagued by anxiety and my go to is exercise. I have some of the most interesting ideas and break throughs when I am sweating! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a great list f effective methods that have personally benefited myself. I especially use the writing it down. It helps, but nothing helps more then daily Bible reading for me. Thanks for sharing such a helpful post. #laceyslegacy

  3. Your bonus tip is my #1 tip!

  4. Great tips!! I have been using essential oils to help with anxiety and that seems to be helping a lot!!

  5. Great tips. I know when I am feeling really down doing something nice for myself or even someone else always helps me feel better. It gives you a small pick me up. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Music always helps me.


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