A Day as a College Student - as Told by GIFs

There are two basic views of university students - those that depict college students studying nonstop, eating ramen noodles, and getting little to no sleep - and those that depict college students partying all night, consuming dangerous amounts of alcohol, and making life-ruining mistakes.
I'm here to tell you that neither of those are true for about 85% of us. A lot of us college students are more like pre-schoolers than rabid hyper-sexual pseudo-adults. We're lazy and grumpy and live for free food. Below is my typical day as a college student, as told by GIFs:

When your first alarm goes off in the morning, and you know that if you get up now, you'll have plenty of time to grab breakfast and get ready for your 11AM class:

But of course you went back to sleep. Then when your final alarm goes off, it's actually time to leave the comfort of your bed for the monotony of class:

When you get there, your professor says it's time to work on a new project, and you have to split into groups:

and for once you actually get some good people in your group:

once that class is over, you have some down time before your next class:

but then a classmate reminds you that you have a paper due at 4PM:

when you finally bang out that paper, you're like:

but inside, it's more like:

and once you turn in your paper, your professor dismisses class early:

And that means you can run to get some food before your 7PM to 10PM class:

Then a friend calls you to dish some juicy gossip:

and you tell her how your exams went last week:

Reliving that experience makes you decide it's time to go home:

Even when it means skipping your last class:

Can you relate to these situations?
What GIFs describe your day?


  1. I remember all of those feelings from college! Some of them actually carry over into the "real world" :)

  2. Haha these gifs are so accurate! College is such a roller coaster of emotions on a daily basis, sometimes I still don't know how I ever made it through!


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