Cruelty Free | Perfect Pastel Lipsticks for Spring

Hey all! Hope you had a great holiday weekend! I sat around with family and ate a ton of ham! Today, I'm organizing my makeup collection and stumbled across these pretty shades that have been sitting around in my lipstick drawer, neglected during the winter months. Now that spring is in season, I can finally wear them again!

First up is Nude Beach by Too Faced, a pretty "your lips but better" shade. It's actually a touch lighter than my lip color, which gives that kind of polished nude lip celebrity look. I was worried that it would make my lips seem smaller, but I received a ton of compliments on it, so I decided it suited me well!

Second we have Lucky by Tarte. To be honest, this was was a kind of daring shade for me at first, a brighter more barbie-style pink. As you can see, I'm hesitant about most lipsticks before giving them a go (apart from my classic red, that is) and once I tried this one, I fell in love. It's a matte shade, which was nice to try out. It stays put once you put it on (but needs a good re-apply after food or drink) but other than that I would recommend this shade, along with other matte lipsticks from Tarte.

Third we have Melted Fig by Too Faced. I'm kind of a Too Faced junkie if you haven't noticed! This is more of a violet color, but it's on the lighter side. Not only was "radiant orchid" a super in color last year, it's perfect for the spring months. It reminds me of flowers! Melted lipsticks have proven to be great so far, and I'm really lusting after a few of their newer shades like Ruby!

What are your favorite lip colors for spring?


  1. I need to get some spring colors! I've just recently got into bold shades and I only have winter colors. I definitely want to try out the Tarte one.

  2. I love these! My go to shades are hot pink, red and coral.

  3. oooh. these all look so pretty, and i'm happy to see they're all cruelty-free. two thumbs up!


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