I Was the Kind of Kid Who...

I was the kind of kid who was a sass queen from day one. I was not a photogenic child by a long shot, so I had to make sure I was doing something funny at all times. This my "I'm at the beach, bitches!" pose, which I am still tempted to do whenever a camera is nearby, out of pure fear that if I actually try to take a decent photo, all hell will break loose.

I was the kind of kid who was perpetually sunburnt, even though my parents always slathered me in sunscreen.

I was the kind of kid who thought I sounded just like Shania Twain, but only because I would never sing louder her voice on the radio. I would basically lip-synch and take credit for it in my own mind. Logic.

I was that kid that got smacked in the face with the tetherball, and the soccer ball, and the basketball...

I was the kind of kid that collected earth worms and made figurines and "clay pots" out of Virginia red mud.

I was the kind of kid who was really into the "Pregnancy Midge" Barbie doll with her random magnetic detachable belly. I wanted all my Barbies to be pregnant, but I had to wait till I hung out with my friend Katie, because she had all the cool Barbies. I wonder if Katie still has that doll, it's probably worth a crap-ton of money now!

I was the kind of kid who got shut in a closet during naptime in pre-school because I was too talkative and disrupted the other kids. Excuuuse me for having ZEST!

I was the kind of kid who was in love with N*Sync and Britney Spears. Lance Bass is still my #1, and I WILL see Britney in Vegas someday.

I was the kind of kid who was OBSESSED with Ariel. I remember that I actually got really nervous before meeting her at Disney World. She was everything I wanted to be, just look at her! The red flowing hair, the magical mermaid tail, beautiful seashell bra, a little dead in the eyes, just perfect!

*Note that I'm shamelessly staring at her boobs. I was probably thinking something like "I'm gonna have those someday!"

I was the kind of kid that was never allowed to eat Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, Dunkaroos, Wonderballs (RIP), Handi-Snacks, or Fun Dip. My mom wouldn't allow that type of "junk" in the house. Though I admire her for attempting to keep me healthy, she has no control over me binging on them now. Take that MOM!

I was the kind of kid who laid in the dark and pressed on my eyelids until I saw all these crazy colors and sparkling firework designs. Probably why I need glasses now. This is unconfirmed.

I was the kind of kid who rocked the middle part... until middle school.

I was the kind of kid who tripped over nothing and ended up BREAKING MY FREAKING ELBOW.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! When I saw this linkup on The Daily Tay, I knew I had to take part in it. I was a weird-ass kid, but somehow I managed to morph into a functioning (but still weird-ass) adult. I'm having such a good time reading these posts, so be sure to link up too!
The Daily Tay

Did you do any of these things as a kid?
What kind of kid were you?


  1. I used to do the eye thing too! I loved the fireworks haha I'm guessing that wasn't good for us...

  2. hahahah i think we would have been great friends. I also STILL trip over nothing..

  3. Love this idea!
    I was completely another kind of kid, but you sound a lot like the girl who had been my best friend for 19 years. It's hard to find a photo of her as a child with a serious expression and Ariel was her role model.


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