Local Eats // Ted's Bulletin

April 10, 2015

Earlier this week I got a chance to grab lunch at a local (DC/Maryland/Virginia) place called Ted's Bulletin. Modeled after a classic-style diner, Ted's is full of vintage charm and gorgeous art-deco je ne sais quoi. My first time at Ted's was with the gorgeous Tatyana, one of my newest friends. She's a budding journalist, so the newspaper style menu and all-over americana feel keeps Ted's on the high part of her "favorite restaurants" list. I for one, was glad she suggested this place!

Famous for their homemade poptarts and alcoholic milkshakes, Ted's is basically like a better version of IHOP, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner around the clock. Though I only got a taste of their lunch menu, I could totally see myself going to Ted's for breakfast, especially if they ever put Egg's Benedict on their menu!

*They also have multiple screens playing black and white movies and TV shows. The likes of Breakfast at Tiffany's, I Love Lucy, and Steamboat Willie to name a few!

I ordered the Cali Club sandwich, which was great. Smoked turkey, bacon, and avocado, YES! There are also more adventurous things on the menu, like a Peanut Butter Burger. I will try that someday and report back! I also tried the Blueberry Cheesecake pop tart, and oh. my. goodness, it was amazing. No wonder President Obama is reportedly a fan of this place! Seriously, if you're ever in DC, get a pop tart from Ted's. You NEED one.

What is your favorite restaurant where you live?
Would you ever try a Peanut Butter Burger?
What about a homemade pop tart?


  1. Great photos!
    The food looks soooo yummy :D

  2. Peanut butter burger? Sorry but that just sounds terrible beyond words.



  3. This place looks fun! Your sandwich looks super good.


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