Colourpop Lippie Stix Review

May 30, 2015

This past week I got my hands on a few of the Lippie Stix from Colourpop Cosmetics! American made and cruelty free, how good can it get? I'd been dying to make a purchase from colourpop ever since I saw that one of my favorite YouTubers, KathleenLights had her own shade of lipstick! When my friend Emily said she'd like to make a purchase too, I jumped right on it and got us to the free shipping zone (only $30, which is not bad at all, especially when making a purchase with a friend)

The best part is, all of Courpop's makeup is under $10! Ever since switching to cruelty free makeup, I've noticed that a $5 price tag for lipstick and $8 for blush is a rarity! In my little haul, I got four Lippie Stix and an eyeshadow that they included with my purchase.

The Lippie Stix I got were:
I Heart This - a hot pink shade (matte)
Bichette - a blue-red shade (matte)
Topanga - a warm-toned peachy coral (satin)
Limière - a cool-toned muted mauve (matte)

Colourpop also offers lip liners along with their lippie stix, but I didn't think I needed them. The exception, of course is Bichette. Like most reds, this shade pretty much requires a lip liner to keep it in it's place. I didn't use a liner on any of the swatch photos above, and they all look fine, but as you can see, Bichette goes on a little messier than the others.

I will admit that I picked Topanga because of my love of Boy Meets World growing up. Seeing Topanga on the site instantly made me think of this scene:

Though the color might not be the best lipstick shade for my skintone, as it's actually a few shades lighter than my natural lip color, but it's starting to grow on me! I like that it's a good color for summer, and I will give it more of a test run in the coming days. I also quite enjoy the satin formula, which is a little more moisturizing than the matte ones. Colourpop's mattes aren't all that drying, which is another plus!  I'm having trouble picking a favorite. What do you think?

Which lippie stix would you pick?
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