I Believe | 2

Almost a year ago I wrote this post when I was going through a rough time. My dog Pepper had just passed away the week before, and naturally I was having trouble dealing with it. At a seemingly random moment that week, my roommate and I drove past this giant field of sunflowers. It was such a beautiful moment, and during that time in my grief, I got a chance to focus in all the beauty in the world, rather than the sadness.

Lately I've been thinking about how that field of sunflowers helped me cope with that pain. It may sound so silly, but it's a memory I look back on and can think on positively.

Since then, here are a few more things I believe:
  • I believe in forgetting to sweat the small things.
  • I believe in staying up late to talk to a friend on the phone.
  • I believe in kissing children, animals, your friends, and your parents, no matter how old you/they are. Even if it's just on the cheek.
  • I believe that sunshine is an instant mood-booster.
  • I believe in laughing at myself.
  • I believe in trying new things.
  • I believe that getting grocery store sushi and a $5 movie is one of the best things you can do on a weeknight.
  • I believe that ocean, river, and lake water have healing properties.
  • I believe in using glitter whenever the occasion allows.
  • I believe that love will prevail.
  • I believe that there's something magical about staying up to watch the sunrise.
  • I believe in saying what you mean, and meaning what you say.
  • I believe that children are far more wise than we realize they are.
  • I believe in picking fresh flowers from the garden.
  • I believe in doing hard things.
  • I believe in supporting people's dreams with reckless abandon, because...
  • I believe that anything is possible.

What do you believe in?


  1. Grocery store sushi and a FREE movie...that's my kind of night ;)

  2. That's such a lovely post! I agree with so many of these points, if not all of them! :) xx


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